Why do Sipahi have lion heads?

please remove the lion pelt from Sipahi as it looks very busy and makes the unit look like a hero unit. Even campaign heroes don’t look this distinct. Sipahi is well known for their plumes on helmet


There existed several categories of Sipahi. One regiment is deli, “crazy, daring” with skins. Dev is correct.

See Age of Noob video and comments.

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Yes Deli regiments is famous for its clothes and brave and madness. This is historically correct.


but they were not the regular Sipahi. Give the Ottomans a Deli Sipahi for special campaign missions but making them the regular UU looks stupid and over the top. Also what’s with the wings- they look like Winged hussars of Poland.

Sipahi is heavy cav at Age of 3. Age of 4 Ottomans have knights. There is no cav called knights at the Turkish military culture so sipahi can be made as heavy cav and Deli Cav can be light cav. Deli cavs wears wings as winged hussars of poland. Dear devs if you love ottomans, you can make it that way and thats is immersion. But again I want Elit Sipahi as a heavy cav :slight_smile: