Why do some civilizations use arquebuses while others use hand cannons?

I think they could review this, for example, the HRE introduced arquebuses around the same period as the Ottomans, so why do the Ottomans use arquebuses while the HRE uses a bamboo with gunpowder?

Not to mention the Streltsy who practically use an M4; it seems really unfair to compare it with the bamboo of the HRE.

It would be quite interesting to see an upgrade that equips the hand cannon with arquebuses; this would result in a visually impressive enhancement

When the game came out in November 2021:

  • All civs had limited unique units, less than 4.
  • Even units without unique abilities or stats were named as unique units, such as the Imam of the Abbasid.
  • The only civ with Musketeer was the Rus with the Streltsy.
  • There was only 1 Civ for each replacement Unique Unit (The most important part):
    – Archer (English), Crossbowman (French), Man-at-Arms (Chinese), Mangonel (Chinese), Knight (French), Handcanonner (Streltsy)
  • There weren’t UU Spearmans, but they varied their Spear in French, Chinese and Mongols models.

There were no 2 civs with unique archer units, nor 2 with unique Handcannoneers. I think this is the biggest point. I think that just for this "Aesthetic reason", it was not considered to include more unique “Arquebusiers” or “Musketeers” units to the rest of the released Civilizations, even if the HRE would have had a unique Bombard or even a unique arquebusier.

Only with the pass of generations and DLCs, there were introduced several unique role-playing units, such as heavy cavalry (Royal Knight, Keshik, Sofa) or Spearmans (Limitanei, Donso), for more than 1 civ.

This being the case, I have the suspicion that the creators are reserving the position of Arquebusiers or Musketeers for the civ that had unique units that stood out from these bodies in the late Middle Ages, if they were only arquebusiers without anything else it was not worth it.

With that said, at least gunpowder units that should be in the game with the current CIVs would be:

  • Lansknecht Arquebusier (HRE).- Yeah, there were Landsknecht arquebusiers, which are more costly than a normal arquebusier of the time, but more effective.

  • Black Riders (HRE).- Although most of all, the most famous gunpower unit for Imperial Age of the HRE, wouldb be the Black Riders or Schwarze Reiter, are the best known german mercenary of the renaissance age, on horseback and in black armor seen in AoE III.

  • Arquebusier Ashigaru (Japanese).- The Japanese used the famous "T4n3g4sh1m4 Arquebus, the name of the same Landmark of IV age, and it is so iconic that it appears in almost all Japanese Dramas of the Sengoku Era, Video Games and Animes when they portray the firepower of Oda or Hideyoshi’s armies. As a unique unit, following the mold of the other Japanese ranged units with less attack, it could have less HP or attack speed, and more movement speed.


We really need an age 4 HRE special unit, even more in the cavalry roster !!

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