Why do units look like they are made of Plastic or Clay?

Readability is just a excuse like accessibility to force an easy mode. Accessibility is for people with special needs. They are but actually trying to push inclusion for people who don’t play the game.

Textures never has affected readability. It’s just lazy design.


Civ 6 is the perfect example of using cartoony style, bright color and vibrant environment to make the game “accessible” to wider audience, kids included, on several different platforms.
They still have pretty good textures, including weapons and armours.
So yeah that’s totally irrelevant.


To me they look like cake decorations. Those colours are pretty much exactly what you get when you mix icing with food colouring.

On the other hand, Ancestors Legacy [sic] looks like a gloomy mess to me (based entirely on those screenshots and videos – I’ve never played it). The AoE games never had an overly realistic style, but I’d prefer the look of AoE IV if it fit more closely with the aesthetic of the other games in the series.

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Totally, At least try to be like AOE 2. The worst part is textures, they are non existent.
Ancestors Legacy is yes, dark, not very colorful, but plays well, it has a physics system also that plays with gameplay mechanics.


You have no idea what the council has said. Some of the most talkative people on the council are mediocre at pvp.

Please keep your witch hunting down to a dull roar.


You are right I don’t but I’m allowed to speculate and judging from what we have seen so far and the reaction from the player base you say there isn’t anything to it?

We are expressing our concerns on the forums and that’s how I feel right now until Relic prove me otherwise with more videos of some actual game-play and such.

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You don’t even pretend to indicate you are speculating. You are just taking shots at things you don’t know were said by people whose identities you don’t even know about versions of the game you have never seen.


I’m basing my arguments based on what they have officially shown us and of course I don’t know what the council has said or how much of an impact they have with Relic and their decisions. But I’m allowed to say my opinion on how I feel the game is right now until they give us more videos of proper game play that help us understand more about the game.

Maybe the council has a big impact, maybe they don’t who knows but what I do know is what I see currently from what they have shown us and I base my arguments with that.


Oh please, spare us your censorship @AndyPXIII. People can speculate anything they want, especially on things that there’s little to no transparency about, like the council. It’s only up to what we have heard so far and to each one’s blind willingness to show trust to this council. If one wants to think that the council did a horrible job and didn’t serve their interests, they have every right to do so. Likewise, to think the opposite.

You really shouldn’t be taking any word about it personally and become emotional about it. Nobody is speaking about you or any other specific person. Unless you are assigned with the role to represent the whole council here, are you?

If you really do not want people to speculate things about it, you can just tell everyone what the council’s input was, how did it affect the development and the game’s direction, what did the devs take from you and what they didn’t.

When all of that become publicly available, there won’t be need of any speculation and if people think that you guys did a great job they will congratulate you and if they don’t they will also make it known. And everything you even see on the forums about the council is not even directed against it or to each individual who is part of it. It’s rather questioning the devs’ decision to make use of such a thing.


Guys, I understand your frustration. But let me say it and ask as neutral as possible, why do we see each time direction from the RTS developers, to be so different from the wishes of their communities?

-C&C people wanted by C&C4 Tiberian Twilight base build as usual, but got some weird walking things that did make units and had to capture points on maps.

-C&C people wanted by C&C Generals 2, full price AAA C&C Generals 2. But EA suddenly changed it into free2play, than it was a complete different franchise, and it was cancelled.

-C&C people wanted new C&C on PC, but got some C&C on Phones.

-People by Act of Aggression made on IRISZOOM Engine, wanted a lot of zooming like by previous R.U.S.E./ Wargame or following game Steel Division. Zooming is right in the name of IRISZOOM Engine, game was even advertised to be made on IRISZOOM, but properly zooming out wasn’t possible.

-People by Dawn of War, got for sequel reskinned Company of Heroes. The third sequel was a complete disaster.

I do not say that feedback of some hundred people online does represents everybody, or that all ideas from RTS developers are bad, but somehow it appears those are 2 different worlds.

It’s not about “zooming out”, graphics, game modes or content, somehow, we simply have to observe that developers are not able to find a market for their products and people are not receiving games they expect.


I am merely reminding you all that you are arbitrarily blaming a group of players for decisions. We literally are legally prohibited from defending ourselves with any specificity at all. I’m not taking anything personally. But I am returning fire.


Calm down @AndyPXIII, he wasn’t attacking you personally.


Haha. This is my calm font.


Ok, whatever that means

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The way you write says otherwise and you are indeed taking it personally. We aren’t attacking you or anyone else in the council specifically, we just voice our concerns based on what we have seen as of this moment and that’s nothing wrong.

We want this game to succeed but certain things isn’t in my opinion holding a triple A standard as it should be for that price range as well. We just want to provide constructive feedback here on the forums in hope that Relic sees this and at least consider some of it the few months that are left before the release. I’ve already pre-ordered the game to show support but don’t tell me I’m not allowed to criticize or talk about my concerns/worries because I’ll continue to do that regardless of how that makes you feel.

At the end of the day they are making this game for us and if the majority doesn’t like certain things then there has to be a reason behind it and not just meaningless complaints. Again if they show us tomorrow a whole new build with improvements I’ll congratulate them and give them credit where it’s due but until something like that happens me along with many others here will keep providing our concerns & feedback to the developers.


You all are aware of all the various ways I’ve publicly complained about announced parts of the game, right? I try to praise what I can, and that’s necessary to do since it’s so easy for anyone to only speak up at stuff they don’t like. but man I’m on your sides.

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The people in council, just nod their head as they want to stay in council and get freebies from Microsoft and earn money by making their 10 min YouTube videos.

Yeah, it was surprising seeing others making videos on their channels about it. I think they have permission to do so.


You can make inviting and vibrant graphics without making everything thing look like paper.

By the same “logic”, readability and artstyle “that’s not your cup of tea” arguments could be used if AoE4 had a pixelated 2d graphics like Dead Cells.

It doesn’t look bad but I wanna see more details on the armor. If AOE2DE can do it so can AOE4.

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