Why do we find out everything on AoeZone and not here?

I follow these forums quite closely (as they are the official forums) and assume that this is where new news gets announced. Turns out I usually hear things via twitch chat because most things get announced on aoezone or reddit. Whether this is aoe2 or 4.

I don’t want to follow all 3 outlets to find out the latest news. Not sure on the fix but its super frustrating and makes checking these forums only to find timmys new ideas on how to nerf britons quite painful and boring.

Why are aoe4 devs replying to people on reddit but staying quiet on their official forums?


Because aoe4 side is toxic hell hole full of trolls.


could simply be due to audience size. reddit likely has a lot higher numbers than here, as you need to make a specific profile for this

but that being said, they do definitely take info from here (proven from patches) and do engage sometimes, but as recently only on the aoe4 side

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This is a discussion board, including balance. What other place would you find timmys Britons nerf theories. You can’t have proper balance discussion on reddit since it is mostly just memes.

You can’t have proper discussion balance on this forum too tbh


100x better than reddit. Serious Post drown in memes

aoezone.net is a legacy forum, and people used it because MS abandoned the game for 10 years.

Then there are people using reddit.com or steam’s forum as their place for everything.
Then there is this forum, probably initiated as a support forum or because someone thinks the AOE franchise needs official forums.
Then there are semi public chats on discord/twitch.
Then there are the two big social media giants, facebook and twitter.

Hands down, it’s past 2010, it is the way it is.

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It has been said before how complicated is to even create a nick here.

Reddit is far more popular than both aoe forums together, but aoczone was a fan made forum to keep game discussions, before it there was aoegroup a similar forum, for news, tournaments announcements and sign ups oh and drama topics usually are there, the good thing of those forums is that they are neutral from the game creators or platforms, so you don’t get censured like you might get on reddit or here, so you choose in which place would you like to express yourself.

Aoeforums were at the beginning more for reporting bugs, issues, suggestions, etc and then it turned into civ petition and balance discussions for most of its content, also we were warned that the devs would only read this forums for bugs/balance issues as they would only read this forums.

But i think its good to have things separated to keep things neutral.

  • aoezone.net <=> tournament signups, blackmailing other people
  • forums.ageofempires.com <=> bug reports, official announcements, random flaming while in tg queue
  • other platforms <=> things nobody should care about

Same here. We’re also AoE Insiders and don’t get too many announcement emails regarding AoE4. I learned about the momentous AoE IV - XO19 - Gameplay Reveal a couple years ago through my own random Google searches, as I was just seeing if there was any new news.

As one of the first to actively show interest in AoE4 by signing up on the official website the first or second day it was announced, along with many others I’m sure, it’s weird to get most official AoE4 updates, podcast info, sneak peeks, or news tidbits/interviews second-hand; often through chance via posts by random users in the forum. I’m pretty sure the AoE4 Insider sign-up page a few years ago had wording like, “Be among the first to hear updates about AoE4 by signing up and giving us your email address!”

Sometimes seems like we’re the last to know :wink:

I had no idea the Twitch thing happened a day or two back until I saw it alluded to by a user in the forum and I asked, and the user was gracious enough to reply.

As a PSA to all, they’re apparently doing an official Twitch stream once per week for the rest of the month - https://www.twitch.tv/ageofempires

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There was a kernel of truth here but it was drowned in hyperbole.