Why do you keep adding team cards?

Premade team is already too advantageous to get buff. Apparaently, major games like LoL gives a rating penalty to premade team. However, though premade team of AoE3 has greater advantage compared to that of LoL, it doesn’t have any rating penalty and even has got more and more bonuses.

How can a premade team with fb, planned unit composition, and tens of team cards lose to automatched team? How can a premade team have same rating change with automatched team? Playing as a premade team itself increases 200-300 rating but has no penalty.

If you want to add team cards, you must add rating penalty to premade team before you mess the game more. For example: If a premade team with 1000 rating lost to a automatched team with 1000 rating then it must lose like 25 rating. If a premade team won, then it would get like 7 rating. If you keep adding team cards then the penaly must be increased.

Nowadays, playing team-ranked without a premade team is just same with giving rating to a premade team. It desperates greatly and makes players leave team-ranked. I hope you not to make the situation worse, you have made it worse enough.

I agree premade team has advantages but still if you play solo you will not be too far off. Like 100 elo lower? And you will still stablise and find your elo. So it is still the same. Also if you dohave teammates then you can’t blame the full squad. Because team game is indeed for…teams, not solo randoms.

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you dont need a premade team to use team cards. i cant follow your logic here

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Not all premade teams are created equal. The premade team I generally play with has a ~1600elo (me), a one or two 1200-1300 elos. I think we generally win a little more than we lose, but with how things get match it generally matters more what team has better players. The planning and coordination only helps so much when people aren’t great with macro or micro. it also doesn’t help when I overcommits my units or I’m completely wrong about what the enemy is going to do and tell my teammates to play greedy and age.

We’ll see games where the whole other team is like 1600 elos and at that point it doesn’t matter if we’re premade and they aren’t.

I think where the premade matters is basically only when all elos are roughly equal and one team is premade and the other isn’t. I don’t know how much that happens given the small player base, I kinda feel like we get whoever is in the queue half the time.

Your team doesn’t use and you can’t tell whether your teammate can get benefit from your team or not as automatched team is extremely random. I can’t follow your intelligence.

Aztecs or Inca get a lot of bennefit from powder combat card from Portuguese for example.

Or a Premade team can use team HP buildings and HP portuguese and HP inca walls. Idk, there can be strong combos

The card and deck arent determined on querying for rank. You chose/you can tell you teammate to chose the Team Card in game. Well, most player have only 1 deck then that is another skill problem.

You cant if you dont know him, you cant be sure it will have a deck with the cards while the other team has set an strategy and timing of shipments and stuff.

For example, flail elephant team card was nerfed cause people fed indian player to send them before enemies reaching colonial

so? if you solo query rank with India, you can just ask for the same flail elephant sling.
the whole point is OP call out adding team card in general because of premade team is better than solo rank is not logical.

seem more like a skill issue to me