Why do you play team games?

I see a lot of people complaining about team games, either alt-f4 or broken elo. I was just wondering why people still play team games instead of 1v1s where elo works and there are much fewer alt-f4s. I personally only play 2v2s and only with my brother.

This is purely out of curiosity. I think people should be able to play fair team games in a reasonable amount of time. This isn’t a topic about what is wrong and how to fix it (there are already plenty of those), so please stay on topic in the replies.


Its way more fun playing with some friends than just doing 1v1’s. You can come up with fun strategies if you combine different civ bonusses. For example making condettieros as Goths.

But yes, the community is screwing up TG’s with alt f4’s. I think its mostly the players that only like Arabia and therefore alt-f4 everything else. Everytime i get Arabia no one alt f4, but any other map people do it.

Only reason to play TGs is because you play with friends. I cant think of any goood other reason.

Note: I assume you meant ranked team games. Not the lobby.

Because sometimes just play 1v1 feels solitarie, and not every tg game with random people goes wrong. Sometimes you meet good players.
Humans are social animals…

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More fun to play with friends than play solo.

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Most of my years playing the game have been in team games, even playing as solo is fun, at least for me, i don’t get stressed and it doesn’t demand the same speed and reflex than playing 1x1, it was more chilling than grinding, but even before DE the team games were losing quality as the active player base was decreasing, you were forced to play with friends in order to win games, otherwise you will only face stackers over and over at decent levels.

That problem remains the same on tg here, all those +3k elo players usually boost their ranks with their friends, they take points from solo players that get paired with allies below their level, so the games for stackers are actually really easy and quite unfair and not a recommendable experience for solo players.

On voobly the average waiting time for a tg in 1700+ level was above 30 mins per game, now the waiting time is lesser but the quality of those games is worse at every single aspect, solo players should be able to ban all the maps they don’t want to play, that is the only way to increase the quality of the games.

Given that the team game elo is a joke anda noisy indicator of the true skill of the player, I don’t understand why the devs force players to play the maps they don’t want to play. I think that for team game, there should be unlimited bans, since elo and the ladder don’t matter much.


Bigger armies and more gold heavy cool units due to trade. Michi/Black forest chill game. One of the many reason lots play team games.

AoE2 is a lot more team based than starcraft that is purely 1v1

the devs not addressing the alt-f4 issue and not fixing the ELO for premades are hurting the playerbase, because there is many people only playing team games.

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Because if you loose you can just say “ahhh teammates were noobs, I am best player ever, just unlucky for with the matchmaking, so 4 losses and 0 wins today is not my fault, because remember: I am best player ever”

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I enjoy playing with Friends, not alone

I play teamgames because its a completly different style which i happen to like a lot more. TG is mostly about army movement, micro is really basic. 1v1 is more about composition and multitasking.

Also, teamgame lategame is IMHO superior to 1v1 late- trying to get into their trade can be so satisfying.


Because it is fun.