Why does Elizabet look like she is 40?

Why was the face modified so heavily?

These are the original concept arts and they look nothing like the pic above:

Did they try to make her similar age to morgan Age? Morgan is scottish and at that era, was constantly in wars, he probably never shaved and is 35…


The change to George Washington was the most jarring to me.

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Looks the same to me…

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If I was a dev I think I would tire of all those random complaints.


If nobody was complaining, we would have that butchered skirmisher portrait. Here, it is definitely not that bad, but it could have been better. The problem is that they deviated very much from the original… Also my nona thread was deleted by the mods…



I don’t think they’re going to change the model cause you think she has more wrinkles on her face. That picture was more worthy of a change than this.

I lament the new Elizabet because I remember thinking she was a babe 15 years ago when I was twelve. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Considera como fue su vida en el mar, no tiene acceso a maquillaje, trabaja a la intemperie y bajo estrés constante, tiene recursos limitados (medicina y alimentos de su época).

Lo más probable es que Elizabet tenga 30 años, pero por su estilo de vida se ve como de 40 e incluso con eso se ve bien.

Espero que esto te ayude :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Lol, also one of the reasons for my complaints . If we go back to aoe3 vanilla, the two still are babes… Now they are in quite in a sad state.


What are you smoking?