Why does it take so long to queue?

Why does it take so long to find a match?


This site shows the current pro players in the queue. There were just about 5 top 100 players in the queue. Mbl, Yo, F1re, … Some of them still had to wait for about 5 minutes to find a match. So i dont really understand the system. So i am not really sure how the system works. I think it can be improved.

My own experience is the same. I seem to always have a waiting time about 2 minutes on average. That means my enemy also have the same waiting time on average. Why does it take about 2 minutes before the game decides to match us, if we are already in the queue for 2 minutes. Why didnt they match us after about 10 secondes? I never get matched this quickly.

This shows me that the current system is using some sub optimal matching algorithm.

You should be happy that at least you can play multiplay.

There are a lot of users waiting for multiplay server connection error (xffff) to be solved so they can play a multiplay in their short living life.

You should capture the moment when that happenes - it is not reproducible for me.

Also top 100 contains people from 2k8 to 2k2.
Afaik the queue time is usually very high if the elo difference is >=200.

I also suspect that Yo is queueing TGs tho.

(I am not certain if widening the elo range quickly would be ideal btw - there are usually very few 2k2+ players, and I (as 2k2) already meet a lot of 2k- players even the elo match range expands slowly)

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I am not aware of this bug. Does it impact a lot of players? I guess it doesnt, otherwise there was a lot more rumor about it.

Yo was queueing for 1v1s and mbl and Yo end up playing together. But both were in the queue for 4-5 minutes. I dont understand why the system doesnt match them much quicker.

Why does it take minutes before the system matches two pro players, both pretty close on the ladder. We are talking about #5 vs #12 atm. Why does this have last minutes?

I have seen many of these cases in which both players are in the queue for a long time before the match is made, while they are pretty close on the ladder and both queueing for the same settings.

For pro players the number of equally rated players become scare, but for lower rated players, it still takes some minutes. You can tell me that there arent multiple 1000 elo players queueing up at the same time. Why do both players need to be in the queue for 2 minuets if they also can be matched after 10 secondes?

This just shows that the current system can be improved. Matches can be made more quickly, without making the elo gap between players greater. So i dont ask the devs to increase the possible elo gap quicker to find a match. I ask the devs to match players in the same elo range much quicker.

For MBL and Yo it might be there region / ping for a possible server. That might be a factor as well. MBL lives in Norway, Yo in China. That is far away.

Yea I am pretty certain ping is a factor during matchmaking

Yea kinda agreed, but I am not sure if Yo & mbl was in same elo range - they sometimes are >= 150 elo apart.

Both were 2k6 when they got matched.