Why does it takes so long?

Relic well-known duplaction and build-cancel extra resources given back are such a gamebreaking features which should be fixed within 24h and imo really not that hard to change

BUT! take care! wait for it … :vulcan_salute:

Instead we get a zone around base where u cannot set-up TC instead of fixing much more important stuff (or simply change the numbers in speed bonus right?

I dont understand to this community at all … Devs tell us they are about to fix it in ONE MONTH and everybody is like weeee yes! yes! devs take a care they are so amazing … like really bruh? 2 months to fix features which makes the game unplayable?

I have only bad experience with Relic as devs since am well-known CoH2 player and only community-devs saved the game from absolute disaster and care about the actual game for a long time.

Tons of players are pissed off because ot this cancer issues and when to fix such a stuff and show players u are clever and fast to face any kind of issue than IN FIRST MONTH after release.

So if there is something to say in deffence of Relic plase respond to me otherwise it seems like this studio is worse in patching and fixing the game than one-man games.

(and yeah sorry for my potato English but this is a price I pay for beeing from post-commie country)


You don’t speak for everyone and apart from certain issues that needs to be addressed shortly, the game is by no means unplayable as you describe it to be, but hey that’s my own personal opinion.

Comparing this game to BF2042, Cyberpunk or GTA 3 remastered edition or hell even Warcraft 3 reforge AoE4 is miles miles ahead when it comes to the smooth launch, and overall quality of the game in general.

Yes the game has issues, and now we have a road map as to when we might see some of those issues addressed, be happy for that at least.


I will group AOE4 with BF2042, etc as the disaster also, launching an unfinished product with very slow schedule fixing. I think working from home did change the whole gaming industry.

To me, I value this is unfinished product based on the multiplayer elements, there are tons of the issues which mentioned from here and many things are cut from AOE2 and 3 which is not about intentionally cut it, it’s about uncompleted.

Even simply right click to get the meat resource near the TC, it’s still bother me very much, not mention to trees or fishing, this is something very fundamental if they have done enough testing by themselves.
Not even mentioned about the hotkeys, go to some other military buildings, blacksmith, select all TC, or other buildings, everything sounds like they are rushed to release this game.

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Yes sorry about that … I dont speak for a trotls who use those in-game bugs aka cheats in my point of wiev … They are happy they can ■■■■ off others players (speaking about team-games).

Yeah deffinetly not unplayable as I described … 4 from 6 games I played yesterday were ruined by relic-duplication or by build-cancel … you can easily hear it when teammate does it and u can see when enemy has 150 relics right? :slight_smile: So funny to waste like 30+ mins in a game and be awarded by this …

You rather dont want to compare this to BF, Cyberpunk or GTAr right? Its like i would like to compare my favourite meal to a dogpoopo. :slight_smile:

be happy for what? for the fact they addressed such a game-breaking issues will be fixed in month (3 months since the beta and since the bugs are known) and it will be early-christmas gift? - Like is this some kind of irony or what? - You will be actuallly able to play the game after 3 months? ufff am so glad for this thank you devs :heart:

Sure some battles are okay and fine - On the other hand I really dont like to be in constant stress when I see a Rus player in my team or in enemy. I can only pray please dont ruin this game … please dont do this. And quess what? Now it can be ruined by every faction.

Sory Fyrapan this is not deffending … this is just copy-paste of some clueless facts which actually dont answer why such a huge problem cannot be solved earlier.

I wish you had my own yesterday session of games and u would understand what unplayable means. And yes … this game is unplayable right now because there is constant high risk of somebody abusing in game bugs-end

Only mode which doesnt suffer is 1v1 since u cannot go into imperial in 90% of cases so u are safe. Try to play some teamgames and it doesnt matter if its TOP100 or some bottom ranks.

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You seem to not understand how development works, it takes time to identify the bugs, get a fix for it and then implement it with a patch that doesn’t break the game even further so it requires multiple testing. Or do you want them to release a patch faster but damage the game in other ways?

Are you a Relic developer? Do you know exactly what goes in to make a big patch that changes the game in many ways, such as balance changes, bug fixes and other stuff? Do you know their reasoning for creating the road-map that way? There are so many assumptions here that comes from just speculation it’s ridiculous.

Yes, the game has quite a few bug issues and some are used for exploit and we all want to see those issues addressed ASAP, but the reality is not always that.

We wanted communication from the developers, we got it.
We wanted a road map from the developers, we got it.
Road-map has multiple fixes on it’s way to the game and our first major patch they say will come as an “early Christmas” present so I’m expecting it to arrive within 2-3 weeks time.

We can only but accept this is the way they choose to handle the issues and continue to report constructive feedback to the developers, in hope to see the issues fixed. No game is perfect but AoE4 is in today’s gaming much better quality at launch and the amount of positive reviews show just that on Steam.

You can still love the game and acknowledge it has issues you know, it’s not either HATE IT or LOVE IT. Anyway this is just my view over it and hopefully they will come with the first patch sooner than later.


Are YOU a relic developers? Is not an issue of love and hate, its an issue of all of us bought a game from a series we love and receive a product that to the eyes of many people is an unfinished, not ready to release product.

About how hard is is to code, Im not going to enter that discussion again because it has been debated a lot in these forums, even I posted an image of a post from Eaglemut in another forum, comparing the support given to aoe3DE in its first 3 weeks compared to aoe4.

Except when you buy live service product, you do have a voice and can do more than just accept. You are buying not only the product that should have released in a finished but basic presentation; but also the way they are implementing the changes and what those changes are.

Saying “oh, but they are patching it in 3 months” is not an excuse nor something to celebrate, patches and updates are a part of the experience they already said were going to sell us. Having 150 relics per match because of a bug is not.


Man people nowadays have no patience, it’s only been a couple weeks and most of the game-breaking bugs have been discovered in the past 1-2 weeks, patching bugs takes time and there is going to be a patch in less than a month. It’s almost impossible to find a game of this size without a couple bugs of this size and AOE4 is one of the best and low-bug launches in quite awhile.


They seem to want to wait with patch release til they can do everything at once. Hundreds of changes they say… I’d really prefer them changing things a bit more gradually. We dont know what all these changes at once are gonna do to the eco. And we know from the dev showmatches that the players at relic have no idea how to play so Im quite worried about this enourmous patch being done all at once.

Neither do you when we know from aoe3de that things can be patched in a day.

They do have lots of bugs and changes already done in their build. It takes this long to release because they are planning on doing one huge patch instead of several small ones. You can see it yourself. Hundres of changes they say. Horrible way to do it. Why one big patch instead of several small? Cheaper for them

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Now I really see how AOE4 has attracted “new players” who never played AOE or RTS before.
You can just compare with the patches and hotfixes for the closest relative, the AOE DEs, and it is apparent that the response is quite slow (and even the patches for the DEs are sometimes criticized as too slow). I guess players’ patience is not the problem here.

Not to mention some functions like color selection or random maps that are so basic and almost taken for granted, but “well it’s okay not to have them as long as the core gameplay is good” (as if they are not part of core gameplay)

Yeah these issues should not take that long
I get the feeling either the whole team is working on DLC

or once the game has shipped they moved the team onto the next project,
it just feels like they have a small crew of devs left to do balance changes

I mean just look at this guy who ALONE can make a whole functional game in 2 weeks, with remappable hotkeys and voice chat

Let’s be honest here, they already farmed the positive reviews, they got no competition at rts now since Starcraft lost blizzard support and warcraft was a disgrace, the only rts of this genre that are competing are aoe2de and aoe3de practically , remasters of two decades old games. I think they are now just chilling and focusing on coh3 to repeat the cycle.


Considering the history of the age series’ a month to slightly over a month is the standard for patches and bug fixes. AOE2 had gamebreaking bugs and exploits on the level of the AOE4 infinite resources bugs and those lasted over a month. (In particular remember the infinite attack knights from Lithuania)
Relic if anything is pretty average in response time, maybe slightly on the slower side.

Multiplayer is unplayable in any PvP settings. I see no reason why you should bother with this sorry state as long as your livelihood does not depend on it. Pros and streamers will play it because they earn money.

Single player is nice.But there is also no scenario editor so eventually people will run out of content. But that’s about it. Unfortunately, the hype will wear off in a few months.

True, war3 reforged was a disaster that should be erased from history, there is literally no comparison to it. But Aoe4 is just as bad as BF2042 and Cyberpunk.

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Let’s just agree to disagree then because while I agree that there are issues with this game, I disagree that they make the game this unplayable as you say it is but hey we can respect each others different opinions.

One thing we can both hope is that they will soon address most of those remaining issues, so that people like yourself can enjoy this game more as I’m doing currently.

It most certainly depends on what you mean by “unplayable”. Is it “unplayable” in the Biblical meaning of the term? No, you can play it.

But is it fun? IMO no. There are way too many things that take away the fun. My time is in limited quantities, so a game that does not provide the appropriate levels of entertainment is not of interest. Aoe4 does not meet those requirements in multiplayer at the moment. The campaign is nice though, and it is evident that the developers focused more on it (maybe too much).

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