Why does nobody play AOE DE online anymore since january?


I was wondering why nobody play’s anymore more online. In november and december it was alway’s having full lobbies and now “No Lobbies”. I hope someone can give me a website where i can see all the online players from this game.

And also the online players from the second game AOE 2 DE. Is it worth it to buy the second game, is it playable with alot of players online?

Thanks for your time.

so sad :frowning:
but there are some people who still play. But unfortunately, only a few.

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This game failed to capture the vietnamese AOE1 scene. It would be a great “last effort” to make this game more compatible with the first (i.e. finishing the “classic mode”, and fixing some unit AI quirks). This also would need some servers (this game is p2p). Also, more platforms would be great (Like MacOS or linux). Is really sad that apparently producers hadn’t any intention to make this game massive again, and they just crafted an “only fans” product. This game is sufficiently well made, the franchise is well known by many people, and the license is cheap. Perhaps an aggressive discount, or a one weekend giveaway can boost demand a little.


Unfortunately many players don’t play it anymore for reasons that I’m not explaining, however there are many players on aoe2 de.

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But that’s what the question was about, why are people not playing anymore haha :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway i will think about buying AOE 2 of DE. The thing about is that it’s a whole different gameplay.

Thanks for your answer

Man i am so bumped about this. I really liked playing that game online. Weird that it was full lobbies in october november december

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In fact I played a lot online the last year, and yes, lots of lobbies. Unfortunately some silly online crashes and de-sync’s made some of the matches fail. The few, but those de-sync failures are unacceptable. Another more demanding games like SC2 and CSGO, don’t have so heavy network timing requirements. I fact I played SC2 lots of times with “phone modem like” speeds and never failed in that way (so is latency, not speed). I know that this game is different being p2p, but it would be nice to have a more robust network code, or more effcient one (sending coordinate differential updates instead absolute updates), or at least, manage the network crashes better, and not make the whole game stop or even crash if this happens. This would be very frustrating for begineer players.

There are still players in this game, but for some reason you need to update the game search multiple times so that all games are visible.

On the other hand, AOE 2 DE is much more alive and will be for a long time, it is worth buying.
Personally I also prefer the gameplay of AOE 1, with its mistakes and simplicity.


Ooh really? Yeah i have the Windows Microsoft version OF AOE DE, I will try to see if i can update the game. Do you mean just update in the microsoft store or somewhere else? Yeah i don’t really like the new game but maybe i will need to adapt on it and try to play it.

Thanks for your time and answer

The game is updated in the Microsoft Store.

Yes You mean XBOX ONE had to update. After i updated that it works man FULL LOBBY THANKS TO @idinow :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: