Why does the AI not surrender?

AI not surrendering is very annoying when you don’t have win conditions enabled. It’s somewhat annoying to have to scour the whole gigantic map I play on to find the one building I missed.



I feel like this kinda comes with the territory. – As long as the enemy has the ability to build something-- I dunno, why would it.

but it doesn’t surrender even when it had literally one saw mill left… and that was it. no villagers or town centres, it’s base was in shambles… So it literally could not build or do anything.

Yeah— if that is the case it might make sense for it to surrender-- maybe the AI just needs some work. Give it some time, I am sure the devs, in general, have a lot on their hands with the high-tier players throwing suggestions at them.

I am a pleb myself-- my only complaint is that the UI and Minimap are kinda crap.