Why does the devs refuse to nerf the French?

I am thinking about a question. French/Franks are the most op civ by winrate, by a big margin, on both aoe2 and aoe4. There have been many patches for balance changes. However a very consistent thing is that the devs don’t want to nerf French. They are intended to be strongest civ. So are the aoe devs just love France too much or they have an untold relationship or passion about the French civ?

Because jousting sadly an underappreciated deadly martial skill the french have perfected for eons.

They are nerfing chivalry next patch.
Also french is really strong at low levels becauae attacking is much easier than defending, but at higher levels players are much better at defending from early pressure and keeping their vills alive so the civ is not as strong there.
Same can be applied to tower rush.

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Even at highest level French is still highest winrate civ in aoe4, while franks is still top in winrate in aoe2.

That is wrong. They have second highest win rate in platinum+ and are very close to 50%, which at most tells the civ is fine and its the lower tier civs that need buffs instead.
Unfortunately we dont have a conqueror+ win rate cuz then we would be able to tell for sure which civ is the best or which civ is worst


First of all, the game is designed and produced by Europeans or European immigrants, so emotionally, the European civilization closest to them in the game should be the strongest, such as the English and French. So in the game, Eastern civilizations such as Chinese, Abbas and Delhi Sultan are designed to be relatively weak. The Mongols are the exception, because Genghis Khan did something that made them feel great and incredible, so they adore the Mongols in the middle ages, and they design the Mongols very powerful in the game.

Make some sense…however in aoe3 China and Japan are very strong, British is also very strong, but French is relatively weak

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Are you just ignoring the current winrates?
Why does it have to be some crazy agenda? Because very obviously the devs currently try very much to tune the Chinese to be more viable. Although with medium success, we still see the most changes around them currently.
Stop with that ■■■■■■■■ of devs favoring certain civs over others because of some politics. Makes no sense at all.


This has to be a joke right? :joy: like no one truely thinks this…right!?


Son, Do I have a thing or two to teach you about the internetts.

But I do hope it is indeed trolling.
But I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t.
I’ve seen enough Wumao’s (五毛党) in my life to know such things tend to stretch it to the limit.

Also Mongol identity is a threat, if you are to be aligned with the positive Social Credit score of the CCP.
Because there is no such thing as a Mongol-identity, it is called Northern-Chinese Steppe culture if you are to live in the domain of the China.
Which helps to explain the bitterness behind it.

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Son, Do I have a thing or two to teach you about the learning.

But I do hope it is indeed trolling.
But I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t.
I’ve seen enough fanaticism’s in my life to know such things tend to stretch it to the limit.

Of course we cannot deny the role of CCP propaganda in this multicultural domain (which recommend by Pierre Bourdieu) , but the embodiment design of this game is exactly rooted in orientalism. Those stereotype is clearly reflected in the age2: orientals like Mongols or Chinese always group massive crowd, but their soldiers are light and weak. Waiting those occidentals like English MAA or French knight wear in heavy armor sweep the crowd, just like that film which tell about Sparta(300 Prepare for Glory). Fortunately, they consider of the balance of this game, this phenomenon still not excessive.

One of the characteristics that Americans superior than CCP are courageous to admit and face their discrimination, I believe Relic is also brave in admit their stereotype.
I will not blame them because they are just game makers but not scholars or politicians who must strictly responsible for their words.

So what do you say? Telling me that there is nothing racial? Or those orientals are actually such a group of barbarous rabble? Fine, I will not talk with a redneck, these conversation is over.
Otherwise you might tell me this is only a balance issue. Jesus, you finally recognize that! From the very beginning, it was just some players who were unhappy in game, and they came here to complain about game design and balance. It has nothing to do with politics or ideology from the beginning (by the way, FK all politicians). Just go back to play your god DM game.

At last, in my opinion, French is indeed a strong nation for its initiative and flexibility. But we have no need to nerf it too much, French are also feeble in many cases like when facing mongols or falling into protracted battles in age4 (I know that too well for I am a French main).
Balance is just balance, the only thing we can do is just wait to see what will happen after they increase the cost of the knight’s recover option.


Amazing point.

Frenchs in most of games just win. They dont need to nerf cav in this game, they need to just nerf French. And dont need to nerf much

Whomever is managing aoe4world.com is amazing!! You now have gamestats you can reference which are more detailed than the in game stats!!! Like villager made to loss ratio, army composition and more!! I hope the devs take note at all the untapped potential of post game stats.

I hope also aoe4world.com will add diamond and conquer as well.