Why does the hauberk effect the knight line?

the sicilians are an infantry civ and one of their unique upgrades is improving a line they don’t even fully get?

Is to give Sicilians a mobile power unit as they were famous for their cavalry charges.

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Sicilians are Infantry and Cavalry civ.

  • Scicilians are officially an “infantry and cavalry” civilization.
  • Malians are officially an “infantry” civilization, yet they get Farimba UT or their not-hussars light cav and their Not-paladins cavaliers
  • Vietnamese are officially an “archer” civilization, yet their Chakram UT gives hp to their Elephants without Blast Furnace
  • The civilization tags are just there to give a quick advise to new and non-competitive players, not to restrict which units of the civ is viable late game. Otherwise civs like Malays, Spanish, Portuguese would be very very sad to play, as well as every civ whose tags do not fit the meta.

New UU concept just dropped.


So let’s say it is a lucky typo 11

Sicilians used to be Infantry and Naval civ until Hauberk arrived