Why doesn't AoE4 have visible Unit injuries and damages?

Why doesn’t AoE4 have visible Unit injuries and damages?

Well while you can see that Buildings get damaged, who not by units?
That’s simply a question of aesthetic.

This thing kind of makes the whole picture look very odd, sure it requires more animation for each unit and they cant use blood, still there are other way to depict those.

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To be honest I hope they implement at least a few blood spilled on the ground after a huge battle. The aftermath of a battle should be as impacting as the battle itself.

That’s a needed visual feedback!! Healthbars are just the bare bones, where’s the immersion? I saw zero immersion yet.
That could be achieved both with some blood and by making your units look exhausted, with ripped clothes probably, broken armors, fatigued silhouettes, just some that come in mind quickly

It does not have to be blood, there are so many ways to depict even in kids cartoons that somebody was beaten up. Like em, damage the closes. Here as example Samurai Jack


It does not have to be blood, rub some dirt and make colors less intense is also enough.


Because they said they want to cater to a younger audience.

In other words, they are greedy and want that extra $$$$$

well, that’s not enough imo. They just came out of a fight, they were not playing in the mud :smiley:
I prefer the ripped clothes and broken armors combined with some exhaustion if not blood. This dirt look is really ancient :smiley:

Even younger than Tom and Jerry?

Next AoE will have no violence, only diplomacy and tributes.

I can imagine clothes ripping as the weapons make impact, or a heavy weapon like a mace that crushes armor.