Why don't Conquistadors have an attack bonus against Eagle Warriors?

I’m not really asking for a change. Just, if the Spanish largely conquered the Americas, why do Conquistadors not have bonus against the Mesoamerican regional unit? Do people think it would be interesting, or pointless? I kind of think it would be a bit of both. Just a random thought.


Itss for balance reasons.

I guess. I don’t really want anything, I just think it might be interesting if they did have a bonus.

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Since the Americas where fighting the Spanish, why does their regional unit no bonus damage to Conquistadors?
We can flip it, too. I think such an attack bonus either way would be too arbitrary.

I know it could be flipped, but Eagles have their own armor class, they are more common, and the Spanish kind of won.

Yeah to conquer! AKA to mass murder and ethnic cleansing

Give them both an attack bonus vs eachother

Conqs already murder them easy even without bonuses

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Yes. Let us reenact La Noche Triste every Mesoamerican vs Spanish game! :wink:

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Well, maybe because the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs didn’t happen the way you (and many) imagine, at least according to this answer (of course, not that the devs were really concerned with historical accuracy):


This. Conqs anyway have no issue vs Eagles. Why give an additional bonus to an already clear advantage. Would be like giving Knights an attack bonus vs Longswords.

Balance reasons? Which, like that meso civs can remain the most broken civs?

It’s no even fight, Conquistadors are much harder to produce since you need castles.

because it’s impossible to shoot those Eagles even more harder.

I don’t even think there are units in the game as good against eagles as the conqs.

And second question why Conqs don’t use horse sounds ? I’m fine with it and wish all mounted units could use normal militiary voice.

In a more general view, none of the unique gunpowder units get any bonus damage against infantry. Generic hand cannoneers have +10 to infantry, and slightly more vs spearmen. Conquistadors, Janissaries, Organ Guns and Hussite Wagons all have HC’s bonus damage to buildings and rams, but none to infantry. I’m sure it’s a balance decision, since most of these UU’s are plenty strong without

It’s also interesting to note that all 3 meso civs have a UU with bonus damage to infantry, just none of them are gunpowder (Slinger, Plume and Jaguar).