Why don't Microsoft release a game about the ancient age?

Why did the developers decide to make a game about the medieval age, if they already had a game about the medieval age (aoe2) with a large player base then why did they try to make an aoe4 about the same era, wouldn’t it have been better to “update” aoe1, I mean a game about the ancient ages would have been interesting instead of releasing another game about the middle ages, personally I never liked the medieval ages, so I would never buy a game about that era, on the other hand, if the game had been about ancient age , I would spend my money regardless of the cost,t, I think it was not a good decision by the developers to bet on an era that already had many players and I think they already know it but it is almost impossible to correct the mistake, It’s sad because I would have liked to see a battle between the Spartans and the Persians.

I would rather have them go after aoe3 , to the 1700-1950.
So WW1 ära

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They should go to ancient times. AOE1DE is too old


Answer is they were playing it safe. Many people like the Middle Ages so they went with that again. I would have preferred ancient times to the Middle Ages but they didn’t do that. Will try AoM Retold when it comes out.

Classical antiquity could be divided into 3 different eras. There could potentially be 3 different games. It doesn’t make sense for the Romans to fight the Sumerians, so the most logical thing would be to create separate games.