Why don't they just call it the August update?

I have been waiting for the update for quite awhile expecting the 28th or 31st to be the release date. Since i am not the only one complaining about the delays. Its no harm that the Devs rename it to the August updated as they posted recently that it comes later time of next week.

Though i do wish they add or edit a few things while in the long and arduous process of making sure it doesnt implode on us(Ransom explorer bug). An example of this is 3 Pop Zenata Riders and 3 Pop Giant Grenadiers(as much as i hate them) as well as the 5% nerf of Musketeers of Portugal.

By doing these nerfs. It will make units that they worked hard on almost not played in ranked or casual at all.
Then there are also the revolts that have been disregarded like Egypt and Peru but I do not want to expand on that. I simply think drastic changes that alter the current balance too much makes for a confusing competitive and casual metronome especially to new players.


From my past experience when something is delayed it is just…delayed. Very unlikely they are “polishing” it.

There were games that had a million problems in the alpha testing, got delayed for that, and then was finally released with all the problems a few months later.
At least this patch seems to be in a pretty good state already. We probably should hope they didn’t “fix” it to a worse state after the PUP instead :no_mouth:


There are some shenanigans where we had to deal with Explorer desync for 2 weeks…Which we did tolerate. Hell some of us tolerated vils stuck on mills and plantations for 15+ years.

Yeah i hope for a “better” state… If its not better it should at least be tolerable. I dont mind the wait

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Because WE is promoting aoe4’s new activities and new patches, it is necessary to suppress the update speed of aoe3 to make aoe4 look like a new game.


there;s an AOE4? I thought there was just AOE1, AOE2, AOE3, and AOE 2.1


That sir, is an insult to AoE2. :slight_smile:


The only thing 2 and 4 have in common is the setting


And that is why the game will have a hard time picking up players…AoE 4 is still AoE 2 but with some mechanics taken from AoE 3…it has nothing truly unique, except maybe the troops on the walls (taken from Strongold and LotME)…


Actually, A proper thread might be needed for that. You can list similarities and almost like 10+ items would come up in similarity. Though i am not motivated in that because i am clearly biased in AOE3 affairs and wont waste time on the AOE2 wannabe that is AOE4 with new paint and new interior.


Yeah I see that 2 and 4 have more things in common than just the setting. The devil’s in the detail which makes both games different

Setting, maps, gameplay, etc etc etc…