Why don't they just hide rank before match starts?

Team games are rampant with queue dodging; many players simply dodge until they get a favorable matchup, which leaves people like me who don’t want to continously dodge, at disadvantage almost every game. Why don’t the devs just hide the rank until the match starts? What is the benefit of having rank displayed prior to the match starting? Seems like such an obvious fix I can’t fathom why this hasn’t been implemented yet.

fixing dodge is only a workaround, it doesn’t fix the actual problem. people don’t do things for no reason.

lord oakshield (u can check aoe4world) is a good example of what im about to explain. if he thinks theres little chance to win, he just resigns at minute 0 and then it ruins everyones score.

and really, if you penalize dodging and then leavers without actually fixing the real problem (incompetent matchmaking system, and only exacerbated by splitting rm and qm when they are essentially the same thing, just one bearing medals)… then people’s final move is to just quit the game. i mean you can just read past people’s frustrations in reddit.

i have proposed how team matchmaking should be in other threads, devs have not bothered to communicate or discussed such proposals or counterproposals.

Ya, I agree with all of what you say as well. It’s a real problem that I can’t believe has not been addressed and really is such an easy thing to fix. If you are first to leave in a game within first 2-3 minutes then you get a majority of the rank loss. Simple as that. Or, even implement rank loss for queue dodging. There’s gotta be a bunch of ways to properly penalize the people doing it.

If you leave within the first 2-3 minutes, most likely your teammates will lose afterwards or leave so it is a loss and you lose MMR. Or am I missing something? I thought dodging was about leaving before the loading screen of a match.

aoe2 had the best system

if someone leaves before 5 minutes, you get an “incomplete”. no one gains/loses points. 5 minutes might be a bit long for aoe4, so maybe 3-4mins, idk.

3-5 incompletes = -100 rating, or -200 i forget. lets just say its significant.
you need 50-100 games to clear 1 incomplete, again, i dont recall fully. this way, elo tankers and boosters will have a harder time… lets just call them elo abusers. low-elo+high-elo massive gap should have elo gain penalty. while its hard to make an abuse free, blatant abuse would at least be taken care of.

real issue is the devs are spending their resources on useless stuff like biome. and it only annoys more than half the people.

first thing that needs to be done is to increase the user pool. you do this by uniting players from custom games; qm and rm.

players create a rated/unrated lobby, their map choice(s), allowed elo-range. rename quick match to quick join that joins by criteria or otherwise simply filter.

its proven to work really well, and i say it with direct experience. and if me convincing you that it has been proven to work well isnt enough, it surely cannot be any worse than what we have right now. whatever we have right now is a time sink for everyone and in most cases bad experience before and during the game.

they are just spending time on unimportant things and not the stuff that makes people want to quit.

and oh, one workaround to dodging now is to make a smurf, tank the first 5 games and then u can play many many games before getting to conq with too much dodging.

i dont advocate it, a friend wants to do it and i spoke very much against it… but it looks like he wouldn’t listen.

a lot of chinese players are doing it now, because truth be told, people just want to play. if they aren’t gonna implement my suggestion, i just wish they’d remove ranked so we can all go back to quick match, which to begin with always had a better map pool.