Why dont we have a click drag option for all buildings, like walls have?

im assuming this is a legacy issue from back in the day when devs never assumed there would be a point where buildings would be constructed to the extent we have now, considering the 75 pop limit

similarly how farms didnt have the auto reseed option, i think being able to click drag buildings (especially houses and farms) would be more of a QOL feature than dumbing down micro, currently we’re clicking for the sake of clicking, there isnt any form of decision making, it is simply an unnecessary burden on multi tasking, like baby sitting the bad pathing on vils.

i know the biggest detractor will be the “auto everything” meme clowns, but rationally i think the addition is better as a whole. of course it makes it functionally easier for everyone (like auto reseed) but it means it frees up more time to make impactful decisions/tasks

the addition shouldnt be that hard to implement would it? whatever mechanic is used to calculate walling, could be used for the standard buildings as well? if the mechanic is difficult to implement it could even be restricted to cardinal directions only (horizontal/vertical and possibly diagonally, based off the grid system)


I agree with your idea. At least house and gate should have the drag option

And please, add a key to box select only walls

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Yes and no more accidentially remove the front wall in Arena when playing Goth

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That would be useful

Get out of here you auto everything boi

AoE4 is a new game and doesn’t have “drag buildings” system other than walls.

The missing feature is intended to force micro, dropping houses, farms etc. constantly is meant to make microing a bit harder.

That’s why aoe4 house provide population are different from aoe2

and here come the auto everything meme clowns

not a big fan, for casual play its aight but not at competitive level.

getting housed and using buildings as wall and checking if enough resources for them/what not should all be part of player skill. honestly i’d leave it as it is even if the engine is capable of it.

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