Why don't we have Spectator Chat?

Spectating is not something new to the game with the Definitive Edition. HD and Voobly/UserPatch both had Spectating in the game. DE however does not display any of the chat between players when spectating a live game. HD and Voobly/UserPatch did not have this limitation. Why would a feature from a previous release of the game be excluded in the Definitive Edition? It doesn’t make sense.

Without the in-game chat we lose a lot of information. Whether its why a game stopped (maybe someone had to pause) or crazy Diplomacy game negotiations, or many other things we are missing A LOT.

T90Official one of the bigger content creators for the game used to host a semi-regular event called Regicide Rumble. Without Spectator Chat this event is almost never going to happen because we will never see any of the diplomacy. The diplomacy is what made the games so much more entertaining. Sure you could argue we could use recorded games but those events were always live plus it is harder to avoid spoilers when a game has already occurred.

Please fix spectating and add chat to it!


Absolutely agree!

Live tournaments and YouTube recordings of live community games are a major source of new players. It enriches the community with “legendary” diplo negotiations and Magyard memes.

Please Microsoft, if you won’t do it for the free marketing dollars, do it for T90.


It’s not a feature because spectators could send information to a player about their opponent or about the map.

I’m not asking for spectators to be able to send chat to active players. Just be able to see the chat in the game.


I agree. Totally want spectators chat you can avoid randoms watching your chat by turning spectating off

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can you do that for ranked games?

Im not sure about that

Ranked games have spectators, but I believe it has a timed delay (that could be an old feature not sure). There is not a way to disable spectating in ranked but you can if you start your own game.


DE is missing some of the social part of the game in general.

  1. As spectator you cant see the chat of the players.
  2. At Voobly you could chat with the other players during a game (this chat was hidden for the players), can you do this at DE as well?
  3. The clan page seems pretty lackluster. At voobly you had some forum for your clan and stuff like that. In DE clans seems pretty much dead. Now you can found some discord groups. Might be a good idea to add some discord integration into the game.
  4. You cant really have friends ingame. It is always based on your steam friend list. I have no idea how to add a xbox live user as friend into the game.

I really think this needs to be implemented in the next patch or at the very least implemented with the Dawn of the Dukes DLC. This game gets so much exposure on Twitch/YouTube from casters. Missing an entire component in the game is not the best look. We would get so much more value with chat visible to spectators.


I agree with both of you. We seriously need those social features implemented.
Even the ingame friend list should have been included in the release.

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If they were to implement a new chat feature, perhaps they can send every players to the GIA, so if you spectate as gia in game, then you would see every players chat regardless of who the player chooses to talk to in the diplo screen.

It is also not in AOE-3. It would be good.