Why everyone states that Delhi is so good right now?

I started play Delhi a few months ago.

I know the basics, use monks to increase research speed, put them in archery or barracks to increase production, capture sacred sites, etc…

But, why are them so good right now?

When I play them, I feel to weak on feudal, and you start to do things in castle, but even in castle elephants are too slow.

For sure men at arms are so good with the +3 damage upgrade. For this reason, I end up massing MaA and a few tower elephants.

How can I improve my Delhi? What I am doing wrong that I don’t feel them as so strong, as any other states?

YouTube and twitch.tv are your friends. You can get real games played by pros and streamers and breakdowns on whats optimal and what’s not.

Also sites like aoe4world.com can give you a big picture of civ timing by looking at the win rates overtime. This info can help both prep vs said civs as well is optimize yourself to take better advantage of what you do best.

From what I’ve heard and seen, delhi is about scholars, getting sites and getting your free techs going. So about the 15min mark you should alreasy have your age 2 eco upgrades and most if not all your blacksmith upgrades. Also you should already been capturing sites 9min mark. So if you can hold 2 sites have like 4 scholars (4 healer faster than any damage thst doesnt outright kill…its busted and i hope they fix that ■■■■ but until then…4 scholars healing is op) your feudal army (assuming you have enough units) can hang with even french army…but more likely you want to get a fast to semi fast castle for TOWER ELEPHANTS and scholars. Imo tower elephants scholars and some spears.

Quite frankly the composition, just talking about it gives me anxiety because it’s so optimal (too optimal), that the enemy has to outplay you or overwhelm with superior mass (like legit legit bigger mass).

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I second that.

Twitch is a great place to learn. And the streamers and chat are friendly enough so you can ask questions and find answers in real time.

And Youtube has alot of tutorial vods as well. Some are even beginner friendly.

Yes, I have seen a few videos and streams, but these kind of people play at light speed :stuck_out_tongue:

My main problem as Delhi is that in early I don’t find a balance between gold and food. I’ve read that having two guys in gold is enough to produce scholars constantly with the feudal landmark.

I usually put 2 on gold, and the others in food and wood, depending if I am playing more agressive or defensive.

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