Why French have Galleass?

Considering that the galleass was a Venetian innovation and was mostly used by the italian republics/Naples kingdom even when outside the mediterranean they became obsolete why are they added as unique for french only?


And arbalest are very similar to genoves xbows with pavise they were very well known for that and France have it. I think I have also heard the French talking italian in game sometimes, maybe I just imagined it but it might be they wanted to make a mix of france-italians?

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i hope not, because i was thinking that in the future more civs can only be good for this game and i think that one of the italian should be represented considering the importance of that country in western europe until 16-17th century. They should separate them from the French one. I suppose that time will answer all our doubts.
Post scriptum: People need also Eastern Roman Empire, plz <3

Well italians weren’t a country at that time, and some parts were part of the HRE. But as a civilization could work I guess

Some words on the early stages of the game seem very similar to Italian and some are even quite similar to spanish. This is because these languages come from Latin though and you can see how as you age it becomes much more like modern french. I think that it’s likely that if they add new civs such as the spanish or italians they would all sound very similar on the first stages of the game

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It quite strange. French did use the galeasses for some time, but after Lepanto, and they had just a few numbers and they used them for a small time, mainly as flaships.

Probably because they use the franks-venetian language, which was common in North Italy, France, and in general it was a commercial language used by traders as an universal language in the Mediterranean, a bit like English nowday.

The so called *“genoese crossbowman”*was a stereotype. France simply used a lot of italian mercenaries, armed with xbows, pavise and spars/swords, but not all of them came from Genoa, other came from Pisa, Milan, and other Italian cities.

Also, France did control Genoa and part of the north-west peninsula, so it might be fitted. The galeass only are too stretched, since they were used late, in few numbers, and mainly by Venice, which has always been indipendent during the timeframe of aoe4.

It’s enaugh that they add an actual Italians city state, not an umbrella civ like in aoe2.

If you are interested you can see my suggestion for a civ based on the Republic of Venice.

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yeah, i chosen the word poorly mainly because im not a native english speaker, but with country i meant one of the italian states. However i can discuss that even France wasnt properly a country in our modern term (but it was formally naturally, im not here negating the existence of the kingdom of the franks), at least until 14th century when the monarchy ended the 100 years war strenghtened. I think that we should consider also wich time has to be represented because considering the 500-1550 time there are a lot of civilizations that could be considered (Aoe2 for example had the goths with Theodoric as hero, assuming their italian kingdom despite they have also the Visigoth one in south-west france before and spain then). Good italian civs could be surely Venice (a merchant-economic-navy focused faction), but also the Norman kingdom of Sicily as well (All of my post is IMHO)