Why gurjaras are OP and need to be nerfed

Can be made but, what is really weird with the shrivamsha is their very small collision size that allows them to get way better engagements cause they can kind of stack. Vs melee units it’s not so easy to execute but against ranged and especially buildings you can stack them and so get way more damage out than you should normally.

That’s really not the main thing. But if you do this it would be harder for less adaptable players to play gurjaras. And at high level it would force players to ungarrison their sheep to get the better timings. And they would still get them cause the berries are not that important actually, it just makes it easier to execute. I eg basically only eat the first berry bush in the beginning and then use the 2nd as straggler replacement in feudal when I macro up.

That’s actually a good one and together with the change of the shrivamsha collision size most likely already enough to make the civ “balanced”.
I would probably even buff frontier guards to 6 melee armor to compensate for it in the lategame. This would probably make their ele archers somewhat usable in some situations.

What I think and I already proposed in another Thread where I thought about a way to make gurjaras “full veggie” is that the eco bonus woould be more controllable when it was progressive. So it starts at 2 f / min in dark and then goes up to 3, 4, 5 in imp or even more. This way it’s a real tradeoff you take “when I eat my sheep now I can boost my timing, but it hurts my eco later”. Also it would make it punishable to make more than 1 mill early cause the food income in dark age isn’t that high and it would hurt your feudal timing to do so.
Finally with that tweak Gurjaras couldn’t pull of that good of feudal timings as they currently do anymore which is also partially one of the reasons why they are so strong currently: They have one of the best feudal timings paired with one of the best feudal ecos. That’s not exactly a common combination.

For all who don’t know I made a 20 build for gurjaras which you can use for 2 range archers, 1 range skirms or 1 stable scouts while walling behind:

It’s very tight build, but it’s there for showcasing what is possible with gurjaras. It’s the only civ that can make something like this.
Currently I uses different builds, cause I like to open maa archers with them and you can make the maa archer builds less tight which is definetely benefitial.