Why have a limit on number of Chinese officials?

I don’t really see a point in limiting the number of Chinese officials, it’s not like making heaps will be broken anyways. Each official made means one less villager made and you don’t need more than the number of resource dropoff points plus a few for production buildings. Supervision of production buildings only yeilds an improvement of 150% which means it’s better to spend the resources just building another two production buildings.

Why not give the freedom to players and let them decide what number of officials is best? Prelates don’t have a limit and Chinese have the lowest winrate right now according to aoe4world. Whether or not this will buff them, it will sure make them more dynamic and fun to play IMO


Would be broken in many situations.

What I would preffer 100000x over this over-tuned buff would be a simple button on dropoff building called DO NOT INLCUDE THIS STRUCTURE INTO AUTOMATIC TAX COLLECTION.

Better than a bunch of DO NOT COLLECT buttons to manage would be in improvement to IO Tax collection to optimize for gold/time; rather than looking to be max before a drop off.

Make the 20 sec lockout after taxes apply to INDIVIDUAL IO’s that collect from a building. Also keep the mechanic that disallows to IO to go to the same building at the same time. This would increase tax collection and bypass the stupid issue where two tax location right next to each other have both less than max tax to collect (say 30 each), and the 1 IO comes by collects the 30 from 1 and 10 from the other and puts both location on a 20 sec tax lockout for everyone…

I think since 5 or over numbered officials can boost fully trainer buildings nearby (as the landmark) spirit way in age4.