Why high elo player and low elo player can still be a team?

Why 2.5 k players and 800 elo players still can be in a same team ? They can be friend but that does not mean they would play together. Fixing this thing is not that hard !

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Maybe because people want to play team games with their friends? It’s hard to tell the difference between malicious intent and people who are legitimately playing with friends.


Actually those big Elo-difference team games are quite fun. The more experienced player has to watch over and help his inexperienced teammate while the latter tries his best and occasionally sends much welcomed reinforcements… Or just runs around the map rebuilding his economy after getting yet another TC razed. Still causing the opponents nuisance. In the end it`s the most persistent team that wins.


Except for the multitude of smurf games, where neither player really has to deal with that.

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In theory you are right.
In reality its not like that. In reality that 800 ELO player has the same skill as 2.5k so you are playing actually against 2x 2.5k players.

No, that’s only if the 800 player is a smurf, and has dropped elo on purpose to skew the matchup. He is talking about legitimate cases of different skill, which are sadly, a lot rarer.


On the ladder, I don’t believe it ! They match players such that the average ELO on both sides is similar right ? The problem is that a 2000 1v1 ELO player stomps two 1000 1v1 ELO players, and probably also wins against two 1500 1v1 ELO players.

Moreover, if you have one 2000 1v1 ELO and one 1000 1v1 ELO together against two 1700 1v1 ELO, the first team probably still has advantage if they are aware of ELO difference, as the higher ELO player will cover for the lower ELO player (tell/remind what units to do, check no hole in walls and walls early enough, etc…)

If the matchmaking was smarter, then yeah ELO differences may get interesting.

Team ELOs also depend a lot on who you play with, but should be fine if you always play with the same players.

Yes, they can. This is a non-issue

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It is an issue. Ranked system is somekind of proffesional place not like fun games . Unbalanced change placement and that is no fair.

It is so unprofessional to rely on chance of getting a decent random teammate. Unless youre playing as a pre-arranged team - youre playing for fun.

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Oh no, people trying to have fun playing a computer game! :o

Anyway, I don’t think ‘fun’ and ‘professional’ need to be seen as conflicting goals. After all, imbalanced games are generally considered to be less fun. The solution, though, is to improve the way matchmaking treats teams of players with very different rating, and not prevent some people from teaming up altogether.


No. You are playing in ranked game which mean it is serious and you mates know what they are doing.

I work irregular hours, and i can tell you: Big differences in the individual skill of players in a team are needed, otherwise i could never play teamgames - there are just Not enough 2.5k players online on a monday morning. And if they can play together, we should also let them form a group.

I can also tell you that the Team with the bigger difference in individual Elo has it pretty rough. A 2k player (talking teamgame mmr btw, not solo) might have some trouble defending vs a drush from the 2.5k player, but on the other hand, a 1.5k Player might straight up die to a 2k player drushing. Having 2 Players that know solid builds and Not much else is better than having one player with sick micro and a teammate who does Not even produce vills.

So the problem here really isnt players of different skill playing together, its the fact smurfs are a bit too easy to create. But there is a different thread for that already, so just use it instead of creating a new one.

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I play video games for fun. stop your gate keeping


I disagree with this statement. I agree smurfing is not good and should not be allowed. However playing in a ranked game doesn’t mean you have to be serious at all. You can of course, but I play ranked games for the following reasons and not always the same one every time:

  1. faster to get a game than lobby
  2. to get a somewhat fair matchup
  3. for fun
  4. to try out a whacky non-serious build
  5. to try out a serious build
  6. to see if I can reach a higher elo
  7. to play that new map that hasn’t been in the map pool before and I want to see what it’s like
  8. lots more

As you can see some are for serious play, a lot are not. I suggest not trying to put your reasons for playing onto other people and suggesting that they are ‘doing it wrong’ if they are doing it different to you.

Regarding your original point though I think the problem stems from not being able to do both of these two things at the same time:

  1. stop people from smurfing
  2. allow friends to play together

You’ll never full stop smurfs, but suggesting that players 1000+ elo difference shouldn’t be allowed to play together would stop some and stop it being so bad. However then you can’t have some peoples friends play together, different people will prefer to chose different solutions.

One thing to note though is that it might not always be malicious, lets say you have 3 players team together but also check 3v3 + 4v4. They have high elo, there are no teams matching with them at 3v3 high elo so the game throws a low elo player on their team and successfully creates a 4v4 with matching average elo. Is that their fault?


Unless you’re making money out of AoE2, it doesn’t really matter whether that works or not.

If you have a 800 - 2500 ELO team they will play either against another 800 - 2500 ELO team (if fate would have such a premade) or a 1600 ELO premade team (most likely).

You have 1 very good player and 1 very bad player vs 2 average players. The game is essentially 2vs1 in favor of the 1600 ELO team until the 800 ELO player builds up his army enough. In a way, I would say it’s still balanced. ELO is meant to be balanced in this way.

The idea of ELO didn’t come up with Age of Empires 2 but professional sports. They are meant to be accurate, as opposed to the ranking systems from CS:GO or DOTA.


while i agree with your sentiment. there is no mathematical basis in saying you can just average elo and expect fair results. depending on the game a 800-2500 team can completely dominate a 1600 team, absolutely lose or be a fair matchup

ideally a 800-2500 team would get matched up with another 800-2500 team, but i understand that this isn’t always possible so they might end up with an averaged team


If someone really wants to smurf, they can always create a new account and you will have 1 person with 1000 ELO and another with 800 ELO. If they are passionate about it, the smurf can willingly lose the first 10 games.

You will never stop smurfing by placing this limit.
But you will stop friends from playing with each other with this limit.


Not sure why you replied this to me. I also said the same thing

I also had a ranked teamgame 2v2 already with completly random teams, where 3 players were on very similar elo and one was over 1000 elo lower. That is not fun and does not make any sense. I see no problem with 2 teams containing a high and a low elo, but matchmaking could at least compare average teams elo and just match the game if the teams are at least roughly equal.