Why I am not receiving mastery by completing x kills with my units?

I didnt receive my mastery (franks 13/15) for killing 10 enemies with “castle age french unique ship” with the related tech from the castle age (I didnt put the name of the things, because my game is in portuguese, and you probably will speak s*** about not understand, then I dont care where the hell you are from, so I spoke in a language that everybody going to understand)

I am very angry, I completed every requiriment, and this game is sucking with me! this is not the first time I’ve completed a mastery and doesnt receive my reward!!!

fix your game or go sell potato on the other side of the road!!!

The masteries have been working fine for me so far, including the french one. Are you sure you kill enemy units with your galleasses?

if that is not enought…

Yeah I guess it’s bugged for you then, sorry. I heard of others not being able to complete Mongol masteries too, although I personally havent found any problems with them yet.

Log in log out reset router and make sure the units ur using are base and not upgraded… and no save games or internet stability along the way