Why i got ban for inappropriate behavior?

I got my first ban like 2-3 months ago and i admit that it was because of griefing. After that i stopped messaging to players, except for gl hf and hi at the start of the game. I again got a ban today, why idk. It says inappropriate behavior. No proof of said behavior is given.
If it’s about losing streak for 5-6 games, it was because of either some player left at start of game or just bad gameplay from everyone’s side. I never lamed in game, even if i got lamed i never lamed back or reported the player. I hope devs look into this, idk they will even see this post.
If not response is given, refund back my money, i don’t even want to keep playing if you want to give bans without any proof given to the player.


The number of bans going around for no reason is gross. It shows a terrible incompetence by the Age team on the basics of managing a player base. So many regular players have been banned now it’s a sad meme

Don’t play any Team Game otherwise people with premade team will report you and you will be banned

According to your match history, you play with players with Chinese character many times in team games and no wonder you are getting banned