Why IA Expert is bad since new patch?

Hello since the new patch I have the feeling that the AI in general is really bad it attacks weakly + builds almost nothing. I usually play 99.9% of the time against AI and I can’t find any difficulty to win… even in EXPERT!!! I should mention that I’m coming back to the game after a long break and that previously AI even very difficult was complicated for me. I would like to know if others share this feeling ?

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I find some improvements on land maps actually. And someone reported small water improvements.

Still a long way to go though.

The only thing I can think of is the devs turned down the forward base probability. I miss those.

I’m still seeing the forward bases with regularity as long as the enemy AI is ahead in score. The new thing that I’ve noticed with this patch is that many times the villagers on wood will finish and then just stop on the map. The AI won’t retask them, so they operate with a gimped economy for a long time and often end up dead from it in longer games.

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I am seeing a dependence of AI aggression based on score lead, as someone already mentioned.

But the AI seems to be weaker in games that start with infinite resources - it doesn’t seem to build as many military buildings as it used to. Or repair damaged military buildings. In such games the AI should build lots and lots of buildings because there’s no limit on resources.