Why is Italians speaking Latin?

Yeah, I agree, That’s why I mentioned it first. However, the other languages (especially Venetian) were still highly influential at the time, so they could still work.

There was a mixture of Romance, Greek and Arabic speakers (among the lower class, upper classes spoke the language of the ruling people at the time: Norman French, Classic Arab, Koine Greek, etc.), it used to be a highly culturally diverse island. I don’t know how different the language of those Romance speakers may have been compared to the modern Sicilian used for the civ, but probably a lot.


Honestly Venetians should just be their own civ but :zipper_mouth_face:

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The reason why Italians are speaking in Latin is cause Latin…is Italian. Who’d a thunk. :disguised_face:

Yes, BUT, by the late 10th century, there is evidence of use of a language disctinct from Vulgar Latin

This happened in all former lands of the Western Roman Empire

You seem to have gotten it wrong. Latin isn’t Italian, Italian is devired from Latin.

But there’s quite a lot of civs speaking the wrong language (or poorly acted lines) even if you ignore the civs that just speak their modern language.
Byzantines, Berbers, Goths, Aztecs (in-game Aztecs don’t even speak a real language) and Persian, from what I can remember right now.
Not counting Huns since, y’know.


The Italians, at least in the Papal States, spoke Latin for several centuries and in Byzantium, until the 7th century, but yeah, they could port the Greek audios from AoM and Italian from AoE 3 to AoE 2…

*It was the language of administration, in Byzantium until the 7th century.

Same thing in most Catholic Europe. Besides, this Italian civ is based on Late Medieval Norh Italy, which already used Romance languages primarily.

An interesting paper about the topic:

  1. Alessandro Carlucci (2020) How Did Italians Communicate When There Was No Italian? Italo-Romance Intercomprehension in the Late Middle Ages, The Italianist, 40:1, 19-43, https://doi.org/10.1080/02614340.2020.1748328
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Of course, that’s what I mean…

True, but only at the beginning of the 14th century (the Italian civ started in the 5th century), but yes, if we were more exquisite, they can port the Italian audios from AoE 3 to AoE 2…

That’s when Tuscan was standardized, Romance languages are far older though. They’re usually considered to have diverged during the early Middle Ages and already became distinct languages by the 8th/9th Century.

Other than a couple of leader name, the civ is primarily based on late Medieval states of North Italy (see their unique units and techs).

Even though that’s better than having them speak Latin, it would make more sense to use Medieval Tuscan, from Alighieri’s times.

It’s true…I agree with everything…

Bájale un cambio

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