Why is Italians speaking Latin?

It’s ironic that both of the civs using these voicelines would actually be more historically accurate having used different languages. Greek for Byzantines, and Italians for Italians, rather than “Incorrect Latin” for both civs!


They can split the italians in to genoa venice milan florence and fix the voice lines in the future.

Before anyone gets too upset,no this is not a serious suggestion.


You are absolutely right :muscle:

The flaws in this game are just too huge. Even units of civs speak the wrong language, but this has long been known. How can players hype such a historically incorrect game like Age of Empires 2? The answer is: A bigger parts of players simply have bad taste. There is no other way to explain it. Unfortunately that is true, but I would like to see it in another way.


We can realize, that this was meant ironically.

Sure that is a very good suggestion. One of the best so far and should definitely be included :slightly_smiling_face: The proposal shows in a simple way, how historically pissed off this game sadly is…

Please tell me this is sarcastic. You’re aware that people play the game as a game, right? Not as a 100% accurate historical simulator. There’s other games for that, and AoE has never pretended to be totally historically accurate. It’s based off history, but it is first and foremost a game.


It was meant seriously, but certainly sarcastic in relation to the completely out of place comment from @Mahazona.

I have never questioned that, so this question has no connection to my criticism.

Yes there are other Realtime strategy games, which are much better than the whole Age of Empires Franchise :+1:

The first developers wanted to be historically accurate, but they turned out to be quite incompetent. They wanted present a historically based game at the last quarter of 1999, otherwise they would not have given them units, buildings and language outputs, who match with such civs. To mention a game Age of Empires, that shall be based on historical history, although much of the content are unworldly, does not fit either.

I will take a famous example: If Native Americans civs like Aztecs, Mayans and Incas can use siege weapons like rams and onager as well as forge iron for their weapons, is that based on history? NO it is complete nonsense and shows heavy ignorance of history. The developers also show further incompetence by believing, that a balance of civs strengths shall be based, which speaks against any historically recorded story. They ignore therefore weapons technology advantages of Europeans and East Asians civs in the Middle Ages, which makes the game too uniform.

The game still has regrettably a lot of pissed off content.

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Medieval greek for byzantines and a form of late vulgar Latin or proto Italian (probably a Tuscan dialect) would be the most accurate, something similar to the Veronese riddle (VIII century), that goes like:

«se pareba boves
alba pratalia araba
et albo versorio teneba
et ##### # # # # # seminaba»

Still very similar to Latin, as an Italian myself I don’t consider this Italian but rather late vulgar Latin so for the sake of the game still under Romans.
It’s only by the XII century that you begin to have actually proto Italian (from Tuscany) speaking. This is from Francis of Assisi:

«Altissimu, onnipotente, bon Signore
tue so le laude, la gloria e l’honore et onne benedictione
Ad te solo, Altissimo se konfano,
et nullu #### ène dignu te mentovare.»

Edit: fuck the censorship really, anyway you get the point.

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Yes in the case of the Greek language for the Byzantines would medieval Greek suitable, that developed out from Koine Greek.

When it comes to the Italians, I think of some distingtly subsequent later forms of the Vulgar Latin.

That is correct and refers to my previous answer.

Agreed. If you want a super serious game in that regard, EU4, CK3 or any of the history-based Total War Games are probably the better options.
Even Ensemble when they came up with AoE 1 and 2 took a good chunk of their research from children’s books as they were colorful just like the Age games and in their opinion gameplay and fun came before accuracy.

@RealMatrim2 As for Italians (and Byzantines) speaking Latin, you can meanwhile find a couple of mods on the ingame workshop that attempt to fix this:

There’s also one for Aztecs.
Edit: removed picture as I accidentally posted the Byzantine pic twice.

Not the most elegant solution but better than nothing I guess.


Thank you for this help.

My understanding is that Italians speak Latin because they were originally added in a mod, and the modders decided to use the professionally recorded Latin dialogue that already existed, rather than record their own Italian dialogue. And then since then, the developers have not considered it worth changing.

Openly insulting the majority of the playerbase is a bold move. Good luck with that, I hope it works out well for you.


This is a further confirm, how lazy the developers were and still are today…

I wrote this, because you and your like minded colleagues are constantly trying to get me into an disput, that is the BIG issue here… Apart from that, the statement is simply true and I can post an opinion to a case.

Sure yes it works very well.

I recognize this as a hidden threat, which only reinforces my accusations.

If players like I and other people, which make multiple efforts at this forum to improve the game and invest MUCH hours in it, only to receive almost NO or very LESS Likes and a LOT of insults, it clearly shows, what kind of players these are. These are players, who have little or no knowledge of written history and also have a very poor understanding of good Realtime strategy games. In opposite of this, they will even constantly cheeky and think, that they must force their limited knowledge to people, who have an inkling of it. This playerbase can therefore really not be good and fits very well to this game, that is also very faulty.

I hope for you, that you at least recognize this important connection…

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Prior to today, I’ve only had one dispute with you, and that was in no way deliberate – I was trying to help you because you said that you had a problem distinguishing between different players’ buildings. But if you say provocative things, you will provoke responses.

By the way, as far as I know, none of my colleagues are on this forum.


Yes you had that, I never wrote anything else.

It may be, that you misunderstood my initial motivations, but unfortunately your tone was not friendly.

Your manner here always comes across as hostile and instructive and I do not see any help there.

I have no issues concerning of different buildings apart and have explained this to you several times. You can not accept my opinion on this, that is your very big issue…

You should ask yourself, who starts doing this all the time? It is your loose fighting group, that responsible for it and it is always been that way in this forum, as soon as people like me come up and represent the complete opposite of your opinion to the game. There have been 3 attempts to start a fight with me recently, where 2 of them were successful, because I have react today to a covert hostility from a comment from last night.

So if you and a few other users have been writing in this forum almost every day for years, then they are sure your colleagues.

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Hey I made that Italian one, hopefully you guys enjoy it, use the Knights of the Mediterranean one, it’s better imo


Since the civ is based on the North Italian city states snd kingdoms from the Late Middle Ages, I would pick Tuscan. ######### (*) or Venetian could work as well.

*Is the language of the Genoese, but the stupid censorship doesn’t let type it

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Is there a difference between the languages spoken between cities back then?

Yes, there was. Especially between Tuscan (which is the predecessor of Standard Italian) and the other Northern languages, which belonged to a different subfamily of Romance languages (which Venetian being probably the most distinct among them). Tuscan was actually closer to Sicilian and Neapolitan than to the Northern Italian languages.
It was only after the Italian unification (well during the 20th Century actually) that the peninsula became more linguistically homogeneous.


Tuscan best pick imo since it’s regarded as the language from where actual Italian developed, as you said.

Sicilians in game speaks modern Sicilian dialect, not sure if it was the same back when Normans ruled there.

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