Why is Joan of Arc a fighter?

Joan of Arc was given a battle standard to carry around and she didn’t do the actual fighting, but she raised the morale of the French troops. She didn’t partake in front line combat. It will be nice, if Joan Arc is like a buff type unit who can inspire allies by being near them. I know this mechanic goes against AOE 2 DE mechanics, but for campaign, these type of unique mechanis will be nice.

Joan of Arc model also needs a banner, she is just on an armored horse now and her horse was a white colour horse. Such an iconic campaign this was, I thought DE must have made some changes.


Not sure if the engine supports this type of thing and I’d rather not see these types of things in the game anyway.

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You are 20 years too late for this.


dude wtf xD :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Almost 22 to be exact.

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The Answer is simple:
-The game was designed with Banner Carrier units in mind.
-They wanted Joan to be able to defend herself, because she is essentially a Knight, and players will play with the Joan model as a Knight.

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