Why is Monk trick still in the game?

Eh, not really? You just click the monk on the building, then cancel after a bit if nothing comes (or just convert the building), otherwise click on incoming units to get fast conversions. I’d say ‘stunning’ the villagers with one monk takes more micro since you have to repeatedly click all the villagers and the stop key fast enough so as not to convert a villager. And if you don’t micro your army at the same time, you’re not actually denying the castle.

you can’t really think this is intended and this is the reason why cmon…it’s not something that was intended and it’s in the game because it always has been like that, same as for how mangoned used to do more damage when deleted, it was an unintended thing that led to an abuse

by that logic, i could say that smurf are a nice reflection of how wars are not fought between equal rivals most of the time in real life warfare, and that would make 0 sense as well

many pros actually build a castle forward with little to no protection for various reason depending of situations. if you are pushing and want to build a castle you are going to have military, but say you are on arena, it’s very unlikely that you have res to both have a forward castle and a military, thats why military from you opponent is the intended counter, not 1 holy man with magic tricks.

infact, even if you had military, if you are on arena the monk can be safe in his walls and not even be worried of your scouts/army while he is doing the trick

There are two flaws in your statement :

First is to build a building itself; a forward castle without military units is a strategic decision
Second, the monk has a clear and cheap counter (Scout/Eagle) plus siege (if not redemption) and archers; I could call those strategic options
I could add to this that it is very micro intensive to stop a forward castle with Monk(s)

Defending an exploit in design’s flaw as a skill or strategic mechanic is just ridiculous.
Instead of putting brain to works on ideas to solve it

The term exploit should be reserved for strategies utilising bugs imo (Palisade scanning, shrivamsha absorbing mango shots, mango delete trick). Strategies that the Devs didn’t anticipate (TC dropping, monk trick, quick walling, tower rushes) aren’t exploits.


I also made a thread, wishing for a “next unit of the same type hotkey”.
Maybe we can merge all these Threads in this general discaussion about Monks?

I think a lot of the Monk controvetrsy comes from the extremely unique “micro” you need to learn for monks which also only really pays of in a very low amount of special situations.

how about you actually try killing the monk?


Building charging isn’t a bug? I think yes…

I see no reason to believe that a monks conversion were intended to reset when they switch target. Unless the Devs stated it’s a bug, it isn’t a bug in my eyes.

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All the other examples you mentioned either require very good micro and awareness(quickwalling) or a strategy/buildorder and most importantly, if failed they lead to major losses. If you fail a TC drop, you wasted a ton of res and idle time and probably Lost the game outright. If you fail a trush, you are on the same boat, if you fail quickwall, the opponent is insider your eco.

What happens if you fail monk tricking? Nothing…worst thing you lost a monk, but best case scenario your opponent has lost a castle if not the game. Seems pretty exploit to me. It also does cost very little to even attempt It, since all you need is a monastery and 100G

Not always easy you know if you are on arena for example where Castle drops and monks are common, your monk can be safe behind walls and cannot be targeted by scouts. So it’s not like you can so easily dismiss the situation

How does a monk deny a castle all by itself, though? Again, you can repeatedly click on the Castle, and you need to do just one click while the monk player needs to do however many villagers are present.


Its not a big deal really. People shouldnt whine about every single thing

Spam clicking and countering that is also skill/ strategy. We should stop infantalizing the game

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Monk player is far more likely to have military since a) it’s the defensive advantage so it’s closer to it’s base and faster to reinforce
B) has not invested 10 villagers and 650 stone in building a castle like the opponent

So it’s the monk gathering enough time to have a couple unit to deny the Castle for good.

But even if It wasn’t, the simplex faxt that a monk can use magic to force you to spam click is not justified by any mean. Other units does not run or move while concerted, only villagers. It’s a clear oversight that the devs did not anticipate

By that Logic, we would still have in the game mangonel delete trick, which infact was fixed as well because much in the same way, It wasn’t meant to function like that and It did not make sense

I mean… because they are literally “Villager” and not trained soldier. Villager also distracted when attacked by military. The difference is physical attack or emotional/psychological attack by monk wololo sound. You have to clear enemy military including monks when you want to task your villager safely.

I mean, even mangonel trick was also not unhealthy for the game that it was also sometimes used by pros. It was removed because dev want to fix Ratha which can be clearly exploitable by switching each mode. They didn’t remove mangonel trick before that point for 20 years.

And any player not trying for a Hail Mary likely has army as well, because who in their right mind thinks doing a 10 villager naked castle drop is ever a good idea?


Lots of pro players apparently. Especially on arena is something very common for early aggression to have a castle but no military or little military. And again, the monk can be safe behind his walls and laugh at your scouts

And a monk alone can’t deny the castle! Wow!

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It happens quite often on arena that you have map control with just couple of units and then build forward castle to pressure early imp. Even if you have army monks can delay the castle if they stay behind walls.