Why is Monk trick still in the game?

so as the title says, do you find monk trick to be a good feature or just a bug that should be fixed?

for me, it’s extremely frustrating and also very silly and has no strategic place since it turns situations into basically “who can spam click faster” between monk player and the player trying to build something (usually a castle)

to me, this is a bad thing that should be fixed like mangonet delete trick, which already at least had a minimum of strategic choice involved


you can spam click the building you are making to counter the monk trick, I don’t see it as a big deal. Also eventually you hit the conversion cap and the monk converts 1 villager so you can’t do it infinitely.

It’s not even as strong as advertised, don’t see it as an issue tbh.


Don’t even really have to spam it, clicking every half a second or so is already good enough.

I thought this thread was going to be about the ‘charge’ trick instead anyway. :see_no_evil:

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No, you are completely wrong. The charge can be cancelled.

Yes I think OP is talking about the charge trick too. Or maybe the unselect trick or idle monk trick

Maybe this idea could interesting for you Discussing Monks - #6 by Martinurello

Then, spam-clicking villager who are being attacked or hearing wololo sound of monk is even remotely strategical in the first place?

Monk can distracting villagers working is nice reflection of psychological warfare in real life. You should have military to kill the monk if you want to task villager without distracting.

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No, pretty sure the OP is just talking about the monk idling your villagers trying to build a castle.

This is a good point too. Or some sort of theological distraction, dissuading them from the building efforts, etcetera.

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Who builds a forward castle with no army to protect the villagers building it? You should have military there to snipe monks and protect your builders.

Can someone explain what is the monk trick ?

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Its when you use a Monk to convert a vil that’s buildings something, the villager will Walk away as if its being attacked, then you click the next vill immediately without actually trying to convert them.
With this Trick one Monk can delay a castle quite Long (If there is No Army)
Anotger Trick is to let a Monk convert a building and after some time Switch to a unit to get an instant conversion because buildings Take longer to convert and you can use them to “Charge Up” your conversion


Thanks, I already observed this behaviour when converting a building and switching to a unit before converting the building !

yeah that’s why i sayd it makes for a “who can spam click faster” situation which is not something strategic related at all

there are indeed a lot of tricks with monks but this one i think is most unfair and unreasonable. charging conversion at least has a strategic choice involved and requires skills and micro. this one is just brainless clicking when your opponent is catsle dropping you and you are countering it with a 100 gold monk that can stun 10+villagers

Eh, not really? You just click the monk on the building, then cancel after a bit if nothing comes (or just convert the building), otherwise click on incoming units to get fast conversions. I’d say ‘stunning’ the villagers with one monk takes more micro since you have to repeatedly click all the villagers and the stop key fast enough so as not to convert a villager. And if you don’t micro your army at the same time, you’re not actually denying the castle.

you can’t really think this is intended and this is the reason why cmon…it’s not something that was intended and it’s in the game because it always has been like that, same as for how mangoned used to do more damage when deleted, it was an unintended thing that led to an abuse

by that logic, i could say that smurf are a nice reflection of how wars are not fought between equal rivals most of the time in real life warfare, and that would make 0 sense as well

many pros actually build a castle forward with little to no protection for various reason depending of situations. if you are pushing and want to build a castle you are going to have military, but say you are on arena, it’s very unlikely that you have res to both have a forward castle and a military, thats why military from you opponent is the intended counter, not 1 holy man with magic tricks.

infact, even if you had military, if you are on arena the monk can be safe in his walls and not even be worried of your scouts/army while he is doing the trick

There are two flaws in your statement :

First is to build a building itself; a forward castle without military units is a strategic decision
Second, the monk has a clear and cheap counter (Scout/Eagle) plus siege (if not redemption) and archers; I could call those strategic options
I could add to this that it is very micro intensive to stop a forward castle with Monk(s)

Defending an exploit in design’s flaw as a skill or strategic mechanic is just ridiculous.
Instead of putting brain to works on ideas to solve it

The term exploit should be reserved for strategies utilising bugs imo (Palisade scanning, shrivamsha absorbing mango shots, mango delete trick). Strategies that the Devs didn’t anticipate (TC dropping, monk trick, quick walling, tower rushes) aren’t exploits.


I also made a thread, wishing for a “next unit of the same type hotkey”.
Maybe we can merge all these Threads in this general discaussion about Monks?

I think a lot of the Monk controvetrsy comes from the extremely unique “micro” you need to learn for monks which also only really pays of in a very low amount of special situations.