Why is the custom game scene in AOE2DE the way it is

Seriously all that is played is Castle Blood Automatic where the random selection selects who wins cause somebody got a completely bunk unique unit like Serjeants without Donjons or Elephant Archers.

Where’s the variety? The spice??? THE FUN?!?!?
I know some of the custom games never made the jump over to DE but I also know a number of much more fun one’s like several Kodo-Taglikes and Dodgeball are on DE and just never played.
Going off comments from old guard like DaveAOE the community used to be rich in custom games to play and it makes my heart sad to think that legacy has boiled down to a map that’s just bog standard UU spam with a meta of nobody selecting their civ so that the RNG can throw bunk civs into the mix.

At least we have real world diplo and nomad games to break up the CBA monotony. God bless the diplo hosts 11.

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heh, yeah i agree with you and have never really liked cba that much so i started working on my own mods and scenarios and have found hidden communities of likeminded ppl also making thier own custom games. they do host them periodically and they are slowly gaining popularity. i have almost finished my shipwreck nomad survival horror style map amazon island so keep an eye out for that. seige of jeruselum is another good one i played, the citadel has thier own selection of custom mods and maps, and there are others out there. after an update the mods usually have to be refreshed to work so be patient. if youre really dedicated you should try making your own maps as well, one way of contributing.

Because diplo is the most famous and popular one. Roll the Dice was rolling (no pun intended) when DE was still really young but it seems it has died off.
And Elephant archers are pretty strong in CBA imo you just have to know how to use them

Host the game you like. I hosted a chaos blood the other day for a LAN party and 2 randos showed up. There are still people who like different scenarios.

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There used to be such a wide variety of CBA-like games that were much more complex. Archer Blood
and Smosh come to mind as some of my old favorites, I also wonder where the communities that play these games went.

I also remember playing a lot of RPG style maps which I used to enjoy, these seem non-existent.


they are still out there i promise, you just gotta dig and keep an eye out for anything in the lobby with the gold star.

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