Why is the game still broken?

I believe attack values are stored as floating point numbers, not ints.

There are always situations that occur that is difficult to imagine and or account for. Fixing after a new release isn’t something new. Removing the foundation scan is probably one of those things.

Lithuanians bug appearing is one of those too, will it be fixed ofc it will.

Now the burgundian UU is different as that is a balance issue and not blameable on the engine.

Bugs happen no matter what engine you choose to create a game. By many accounts the DE version is a huge improvement. Are the things to be fixed, ofcourse there is. But they are working on it and they spend a lot of soul and passion into the game. There are situations that are really difficult to find in tests and there are things that occur because of other factors.

Now lastly for the avatars and smaller event mods can still exist while improving and working on the game. You go hyperbole after hyperbole with nonsensical arguments and saying “EVERYONE” thinks like you which isn’t correct.

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I believe, He meant that Coustillier charge deals x2 damage to archer class. So for example 1 Coustillier kill with one hit Camel Archer.

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Well, saying that nobody cares about the smaller events and avatars, isn’t much of a hyperbole: Poll: Long term goals for AoE2:DE development
What you are saying is generally true, bugs do happen, but it is out of context. And the context is, that bugs not only do happen, they happen all the time and are not really taken into consideration when they are gamebreaking. It takes them weeks to patch such stuff, as was the case with the Malay bug.

While DE has its positives, but “they are working on it” is a phrase that makes my eyes hurt from all the times I’ve read it here. This would all be very relevant, had it not been a year after release and had the bad practices were a thing of the past. The last DLC shows they are not. Not only the game is not fixed, it is clear that there is absolutely no intention on how things are going to be different in the future.

And for the millionth time, I am not bashing on individuals. If you scroll back in this topic you will see that there are certain steps that can be taken that are much more likely to result in a functioning product, without naming and shaming anybody specifically. In the very case I would blame somebody, it is those who hold captive the source code and the copyrights of the game, because essentially, the team who created AoE no longer exists as such, therefore the moral grounds for Microsoft owning that code is non-existent. Perhaps it is why they claim they “lost” it. Following that logic, you can clearly see that by having access to the very core of the game, the community will be much more able to tackle all the issues, not only because of that, but because FE is a small team and cannot be expected to be coding gurus. With more people who can get involved, it is going to be a bit easier to pave the future of the game.

If we are going to stick to the old “publisher/developer/customer” formula, we are going to see Karens.


Not only is the game still broken, every update breaks it even further. And then we have to wait weeks if not months for fixes. And by that time a new update comes around. And by that time new bugs are introduced.

Not to mention I seriously doubt if the devs even have knowledge about the game given how absolutely OP attributes they give to new civs. We need people who actually know about the game to develop it.

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oh, they know . making civs OP in release is a questionable way to increase sales.

I just want to say, after reading some other similarly complaining threads.

Don’t feel you are entitled to receive this and that just because you paid the money. Yes, devs need to fix bugs, issues, improve lags, improve balance etc. And no, that doesn’t mean they need to do what YOU tell them to do. Entitlement is one of the sources of fury and anger, and can subsequently damage the community and polarise people within. Nothing is taken for granted. So continue to criticise and point out bugs, errors etc. but stop bickering and yelling just because you paid $30 for the game and this DLC.


Literally no one here ranted nor shouted they want specific things just because they paid the money. Hell, I would have paid more, double, for the game considering it wasn’t semi-broken since release and even completely unplayable at times. I do not want it to be free or anything. All I want it to be polished and opened to the community in a way that would allow for its further improvement without breaking down to its atomic level when a new mechanic is being implemented. Bugs like going through walls, destroying enemy walls and such appeared all because of the new things which wreak havoc to the code. In the case of walls, it is because of the building blueprint scan removal.

But sure, keep coming to this thread and start claiming things about it before actually reading through it.


Yeah this was the most annoying thing actually and also now when you want to build a house on far way or something the vill just stop and don’t do anything because the building is out of line of sight which made many troubles, but we got a hotfix few hours ago lets see what will happen

I have already lost the hope in AOE2 DE.
I watched the trailer on AOE4 and I dont think the graphics gonna attract lots of the players as well.
Let’s see if they have an AOE5 to remake this masterpiece.

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That’s a pre-alpha footage and you’re already bickering? 11

I cannot help myself but dig my old thread just so I say “I told you so”. I was hesitant to return to the game solely because I wanted to check the new Single Player campaigns and was not surprised at all when I found out it is still broken as all hell.
This is never going to change.

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Guess what, it’s worse now. Worst state ever I’d say.

If only we have shift queue in Voobly’s Community Patch, then I would happily play there.

It is not that easy, just because creating a moderation team either gives too much power to someone else to ban IP indiscriminately or just requires extra money.

The easiest way around is exposed in my thread Game drop ban does not solves or improves game experience completely If you avoid people to purposefully loose elo fast by implementing alternatives to early game drop that dont modify anyone elo when the match is made unfair by one dropper either it is purposeful or not, you can avoid the sandbagging in the first place.

DE is no where near as bad as Voobly. I have played there in the past, but those ranked lobbies are just Inferior to match making. Also there was so much more lack. And Voobly wasnt newby friendly at all. I really cant go back to that system anymore.

I am even surprised people still playing there. Probably only those who dont have the money to buy DE or a PC that can handle DE.

Matchmaking is the best ofc. But DE is just unplayable now.

I am surprised by how close to DE the Voobly version gets: new civs and graphics, global queue etc. Only shift queue is missing. So I want to give it a try. It has no pathing issue at all, at least.

Lag is indeed an issue.


Why it is unplayable?! Didnt notice that at all…

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Idk how frequently you play and what level you are at. But in my 1v1 RM ladder experience, almost every game I have units not obeying move command, randomly switched to no stance and not attack while patroling. Pushing deer is abysmal because scout zigzag even for a 2 tile straight line move. Etc etc.

And see, I’m not alone

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Monks don’t automatically heal for me. They’ll be right next to heavily damaged units and won’t heal them at all. Sometimes it works, but lately it hasn’t been.


For some users the game is perfectly fine, cause they just played william wallace like campaigns that only requires mouse usage and things are working flawlessly, most of those guys are the ones saying they are having a blast with ror.

The more experienced players are the ones complaining about how broken the game is and how much the update affected them.

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