Game drop ban does not solves or improves game experience completely

Game drop is unnavoidable in teamgame ranked, So for the frecuent player in low to mid ELO range a ban is inexorably bound to happen for that reason I propose the following solution:

A possible solution for game droppers would be not banning, but implementing an honor system, where the game could be paused and aborted by unanimity poll of the loosing team if and only if a player resigns in dark age (first 7 minutes) or the team with more players could decide who will resign out of the game without consequences to balance the number of players again if and only if there is a majority poll vote win (after first 7 minutes but before the first player gets to imperial) If a player resigns after anyone gets to imperial then it would be elegible for ban by majority poll report.

For cheating ban or grieffing ban you would need to either apply majority vote on several instances in order to diminish false positives.

The system that gives the penalty for dropping early have made TGs playable again. Before they implemented this it was an Alt+F4 fest. Most games didnt really started, because someone already Alt+F4’d. This system really helped to deny this bad behavior. It looks like you forgot his point.

I did not mention it because I take it as an obvious statement. Nowadays ppl like me that tended to play several times a day on teamgames ranked just cannot avoid getting banned and cannot afford to buy another copy of the game. so. For me, its a big problem that just for triyng to play a game and having to quit either because it doesnt goes out of the starting screen, suddenly you need to answer the door or there is a light outage you just get banned and each time is worse without a way to going back. this strategy would be good for maybe making the customers buy several times the game and generate profits, but I really find it unethical and there still are a bunch of games where people resign for the slightest thing at low elo in teamgames, for example, they loose a vill, they resign, and that is a trait of low to mid elo players.

And I mean, if you really want the game to be more welcoming, you really want the game to be playable for most people even if there is one quitter. That is not solved by this ban system, it just punishes the people that gets reported no matter if that person is guilty or not. And i know what is your oppinion about that “you should have made something wrong”, but i have been reported for grieffing just for placing a house 5 blocks away of a teammate tc in nomad, I have been reported for grieffing just for playing mass scorps in arena, or just for annoying my enemy with laming, or by longing a match where one of my teammates dropped off. you dont know the times a low elo player reports just because he “believes” someone else cheats… That is the problem, you might not see it just because you might be a high elo player, where there is way more understanding of the game and so, low fake reporting, but i do and there is no solution ingame for fake reporting.

I do have a quit different experience. I am not a high rated player, but also playing somewhere mid elo. The cases you are describing are very rare to me. I can just play multiple games on a day without getting banned. Your examples of getting banned seems really rare to me. Most games well result in a proper 4v4. There are not a lot of quitter / droppers. Yes, sometimes it happens, and then it isnt fine, but these things are not something frequently.

Also things like getting repeatedly getting banned because of reports doesnt really seems to happen frequently at all. I never got a ban for grieving or smurfing or something like that. If you have these things regularly then i would ask my self isnt this not your own issue? Maybe it is true. I cant really imagine people getting banned by the devs for smurfing or griefing for just only one report only.

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The problem for me is that those reports accumulate for me at low mid elo 1000-1100. and as i have said my only faults are: getting stuck on starting screen and dropping unpurposefully, longing a match where my team resigned by onager cutting and stone walling, placing houses near someone else TC in nomad while winning the game as a team and beind killed by my teammate´s mangonels, on the last game before the ban i just played mass scorps 1 tc and won in TG.

I dont know why i got a 6 hour ban, but was escessive and as those reports accumulate, i fear i wont be able to play for days the next time someone else falsely (or just by my game crashing) reports me.

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I am not an statistics man, but according to I suspect you are above 1250 TG and that is better than the 80% of players. that means you probabbly have a very different experience than me, a pleb with under 1200 ELO TG.

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You can report a player without havving previously been in a game with him. I think that i just got banned because i used an account to talk on a twitch chat the day before i got banned… It is just too much coincidence, because I unlike you use the same name videogame twitch and forum accounts… the fact that there is no control for that is nauseating.

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You make multiple wrong assumptions about me. We are just playing in the same elo range.

Things like getting stuck in the starting screen and dropping unpurposefully happens sometime and that will give you a ban automatically if you are dropped or quit early (no matter what the reason is). That isnt due to reports and after review of the mod team or who else is looking into these reviews. So these kind of drops has nothing to do with getting reported and therefore banned by.

You will neither get reported and banned because your ally plays terrible. I have never notice that. You wont get banned because a team mate kills you with his mangonels (i cant really get from your post if he did it on purpose or as accident). If it is on purpose, then you should report him, so his actions can be reviewed by the mod team. That will never be a reason for you to get banned. Mass scorps could be seens as troll, so you might can get reported for that (if you won and your enemy is angry), but i cant imagine that some one will get banned for that by the devs.

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Ban system has done more damage than good, game crashes during queue, ban, game crashes during a game before min 5 ban.

Instead of waiting a bit longer now you just have to wait 5 mins to know inside a game if they are going to play it or leave it, alt f4 just changed to leave after min 5, that guy defending the system is a single player most likely or a low elo player, i am one of the victims of the system and given how poor implemented is the match making for tgs i usually get teamed with players way below my level vs higher elo players, as result they leave or i do cause it is merely a waste of time, alt f4 was way better to save time, now you drop elo for every guy leaving early and you might end up playing vs players way below your level.

Punishment system was also implemented for aoe4 and halo infinite and look how dead are those new games cause of bad decisions by microsoft, players do not want to be forced to waste their time playing things that they don’t want for whatever reason, using all the players available to grant quantity over quality is a game killer in the short and long term.

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I take the idea of majority poll report from games like left 4 dead, where you can vote for things ingame, want to expell a griefer?, vote, want to end the match? vote. want to change difficulty? vote. Makes life easier when you can agree with what the majority of the players on a game decide. offcourse that would not eliminate the waiting time or the time it would take for someone to vote, but it would make it far less unpredictable.