Why is the Patch for Windows Store version MUCH larger than the steam updates? (3552 was a 17GB Download on Gamepass vs 200mb on steam)

Title says it all, my mates have the game on steam, I’ve got it on Gamepass, (will buy on steam once game is in a better state).

For example, previous patch 3552 was a 16 GB download on xbox store for me, was 200MB for friends on steam.

Hotfix today is 1.7 GB on Xbox, and is just 40MB on steam. How can this be possible? Is this an issue on my end? Can anybody else confirm size differences?

Title says it all, hotfix today was a 1.7 GB download for me, was 40 MB on steam for my friends. Same with patch 3552, was 17GB for me on windows store, was just 200MB for steam.


patched files are to be packed into .bar files of the game.

bar files are archives like zip or rar which contains a bunch of files. any file updated has to be put into those archives.

the reason for the size difference is probably this: steam client is able to extract and add files to the archives directly (though it increases install time(for extracting, input and repacking), it reduces download size) while xbox just downloads the complete archive again and replaces it. (so it decreases install time but increases download size)


It’s not a real problem for me as I have a 70Mbps Internet connection.
But it’s true! First patch was 17GB, the second one 1.67GB.

Interesting, that’s the reason why the updates are too slow to install on Steam

I’d rather to download a 1.7 GB file than a 40 MB that will take ages to extract