Why is the Prince Electors card in Age II

It was originally planned for Age I, and then after the hotfix for the ransom bug the devs edited the patch notes and renamed it to Age II for some reason, you can go back in some of the video reviews for the patch right after it got released and it is listed as an Age I card.

Any idea why this change ocurred?


could be a balance choice to force players into choosing it over another card, or since its germans maybe they felt it was more competitive in rush if you got some uhlans with it.

You don’t get Uhlans with it though.

Age II card slots are the most highly contested, it’s probably to make it more of a choice? You have to make room for an age II card, whereas an age I card is much easier to slot in.


The fact you don’t get Uhlans with it reflects even further the fact that it was supposed to be an Age I card and not a bug.

But since they did change it to Age II it is considered a bug it not coming with Uhlans.


I dream about change “Prince Electors” Home City card into Big Button in Town Center or Capitol + change HRE flag for this building to flag of selected by player German “Prince Elector”.


The big buttons are more of the Native American civs…


Yea it either has to be Age 1 or give Uhlans.

Personally I find that I don’t have enough slots in age II to fit it in.


It should be age I, send an embassy and be viable with the card “native treaties”.