Why is the score screen so miscalculated?

The stats are nice, but the “score” is so random. Whatever calculations it currently uses fail to grasp the gameplay and often gives misleading, disappointing summaries.

Here’s one example.

Economy tab doesn’t display max gold per minute, why?

Research % is never 100%.

How is “Largest Army” quantified?

No stats on wonders but they’re secretly worth a ton of society points.

Just seems unnecessarily confusing. Would rather just look at the stats without a score attached than be judged secretly and incorrectly.

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There are definitely issues with the score screen. I’ve seen instances where the timeline was just completely wrong.

It’s UI also needs work. It’s pretty bad with the sideways scrolling to see one more item.

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Yeh it probably also calculated in your army value and the army value u killed or smth else … It feels often that it does not represent the game at all.
It can also happen, that u gather on all resources the most, yet are behind in score.
Why is largest army there a score and not a real number?

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I think you might be right. The other two players were spamming spearmen and longbowmen… they were basically trolling the whole game and I carried our team, yet their combat was scored higher.

And yea the timeline and UI certainly needs work too.

If I am not wrong, largest army stands for the total amount of army trained in the whole game.

It’s supposed to be the most army you ever had at one time.

It’s not. I think name is cut, but do the test, go vs IA and train 100 of whatever. Then kill the 100 army and train 100 again and tell what the number says.

Maybe it’s messed up. I am saying that’s what it is supposed to be. That is what it should be based on the wording (and how it worked in AoE2).

It is messed up. We all had “largest army” scores ranging from 168-188. but I guarantee none of us had that many military units at one time. And It’s not a total over the whole game either, you can see from the screenshot multiple players lost over 300 units but their largest army is 168-188.

It’s similar to the Research % being messed up. No idea how it counts the % but I routinely research every tech available and never even cross 50%

Edit: Even “Villager High” is messed up.


Also, it shouldn’t count canceled buildings as “Razed” and debatably shouldn’t count suicided units as “lost”.


Yeah the stats need a lot of work.

The time line can be wrong as well which I reported here before.

There are other stats I wish they would add, but for now the current things at least need fixed.