Why is the Tower rush so irritating?

Textile technology was only unlocked in feudal times and required a high price of 100 gold, making peasants weak in the dark Ages.
Attacks like Tower rush made Chinese and Mongol civilizations incredibly powerful, because unless you build Ram, you can’t have low loss to solve towers.
And for now, the tower rush tactics of Mongolian and Chinese civilizations are a bit of a game breaker.
Compared to AOE2, although AOE2’s towers are also rampant, AOE2 towers can be quickly destroyed directly from each other.(Mutual attack bonus damage), which restrains tower explosion to a certain extent.
I think AOE4 also needs this mechanism so that defenders can take advantage of the larger number of villagers in a local area.

This also makes AOE4 more and more like AOE2, do you have any solutions?

Defenders do already have a very powerful TC with a 100% hitrate no skills involved so the advantage is clearly on the defender. Similar titles like wc3 and sc2 do not have such powerful defensive buildings. So AoE4 is already a game that benefits an early game defensive playstyle and defensive playstyles in general. I seriously do not understand why people are even asking for more. Why not play the arena map if you feel like the defense is not strong enough?

Aoe can build buildings with a large number of villagers, and the building is very fast, and when your base is full of hostile players’ towers , the role of the attacker and the defender has been exchanged… With the development of tactics, the TR has even become a mainstream tactic, such as Mongolia, almost full of a Tower rush.

I don’t really agree on these points. At highest level where players are far more optimized TR is insanely good but at lower elo even at diamond etc you can simply just ignore them and let them waste resources.

I have faced like 10 TR recently during my games and each of them I didn’t do anything. I went for feudal let them build towers while keeping tabs what opponent was doing and hit fast castle and sent lancers into their base and killed the eco. So essentially I just ignored towers and opponent was basically far from castle.

There is good game it was mista vs someone. That I watched yesterday. Mista went 1 villager TR as mongol. Build couple of towers and defender over reacted getting like 8 archers etc even when 2 archers would’ve been sufficient and essentially that archers count is the reason why defender lost the game.

Knowing is already big win for defender.

I had similar games when I get rushed and defend it but I have no idea what opponent is doing and over reacting to make units while they boom and get tech or vice versa. I try to go boom and then get follow up push and die.