Why is the upload always successful, but it shows expired and unusable?

Why why why?
Three versions have been updated,There is still such a problem,Why can’t you work harder
This kind of problem is no longer recent,Can you handle it???
The adjustment package can be uploaded and downloaded easily,Uploading maps always needs to be done over and over again Upload updates

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I have the same problem and every log in - it automatically downloads the mod too - sometimes the old version of the mod.

I’ve also met this thing you said,Later, I changed my other account,Delete the same module,
Then switch back to my main account Then it won’t happen。

Why is it so difficult to upload maps?

So what did you fix,

There is no improvement at all on the new version,

Sorry, I don’t know. I’m not on the team. :man_shrugging:

The only time I encountered this issue is when I changed the name of my working project halfway through and I renamed files and updated references. I encountered an error when publishing 3 times thinking it wasn’t publishing when it was publishing - hence the 3 versions published.

To remove the duplicate versions, you can do so through the mod browser logged-in through your account under, “My Mods”, and remove them there. Mods All - Age of Empires

If so, how dare we update better content for the game
It’s really angry