Why is there a DM ranked ladder and not other game modes?

Why DM and not Empire wars, Forest Nothing, Regicide or even free for all it’s not like DM has more players then any of these other game modes.

There are currently 3 ongoing 1v1 DM matches compared to over 300 RM.


I would love an empire wars rank


my guess is those communities would all be tiny on ranked. if anything they should do a rotating ladder for those types of game modes.

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Forest Nothing is honestly not a good map for ranked

It’s a fun map, sure, but it is so not standard

I actually have asked for a ranked Lobby in one of my topics, which was not so much of a favorite to the community and they decided Unranked Elo was better

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DM is also “not standard”, actually nothing is standard unless we make it standard so that argument makes no sense (at least to me). I am a big fan of competitive forest nothing and like to optimize build orders and army compositions.

There is actually a very big Turbo Forest Nothing community on DE.

I think they are all way bigger then DM. Or at least Empire wars, Forest Nothing and FFA would be.

Considering that Forest Nothing is an RM match, that’s a bad comparison

It’s usually played as Turbo Random map.


That’s what I mean

I think DM is standard and other modes are not accepted to standard of Aoe2.
I personally don’t like Empire Wars because civs are not balanced around it. Deleting dark age makes civ with strong Feudal and Castle age (i.e. Vikings) overpowered as we see on Red Bull Wololo. If we accept Empire War as ranked ladder, there will be tones of post to complain about the civ balance of Empire War in this forum
Death Match is game mode come from Age of Kings, civs are also hugely unbalanced in that mode but players accept that situation and usually play mirror match for more than 10+ years.
Forest nothing is just like event mode and not standard.

You know the history of the game? DM is a oldskool game mode that stayed popular under a group of players. Its history makes it its own ladder.

That doesn’t mean we can add more game modes to the ranking. I can see there might be a place for EW as well for example.


Seriously DM has been dead forever, there are more CBA players than dm active players, anyway empire wars or regicide would be even less popular and played, IMO the dm ladder should be removed, their current top players are RM TG elo abusers, they small community don’t really play because of the maps.

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I would like to see a Forest Nothing ranked ladder just for the memes


just so long as it’s temporary :slight_smile:

Good idea but unfortunately, I don’t think there is a lot of player to play every kind of game mode in Age of Empires 2.