WHY is this not ADDED yet? [Scenario Editing]

Please community, share this, i am desperate…

But first of all, Crash course in Scenario editing / Scenario creation

There are Triggers who do certain actions.
These Triggers can be set to a specific player (1-8 and GAIA) so it only triggers for one player (In the editor known as “Source Player:” ), when one unit of that player, for example, moves from A to B

Let’s say you want a Trigger to, for example, remove all units in an area from all players. In this case you would have to make 1 such Trigger, copy it 7 times, and change the Source Player every time for every player…
Pretty stupid right?

WHY is there no Source Player “ALL” in the Editor??? (ALL = All player, ANY = All player + GAIA)
Some Trigger really use a lot of performance, with letting trigger affect ALL players you would effectively divide the trigger amount by 8.

AND PLEASE, give us a checkbox in the “Options tab” called “Civ bonus start” Where all civs are given their bonus resources (or reduced resources), bonus villagers, eagle scouts instead of scout cavalry, llamas etc., so we (the community) dont have to suffer the endless pain the Scenario Editor gives us.
Or At least give us an option when you place a Scout Cavalry or Eagle Scout to tick a checkbox called “Starting Scout” which then gets replaced by an Eagle Scout if Meso or Scout Cavalry if Horse civ (+ give it Auto-Scout). This Checkbox should also appear when "Create Object, Unit -> Scout Cavalry or Eagle Scout. Please Dev team, PLEASE

Please, if you like this 2 suggestions, share it, like it. Help the Scenario Community, please


Oh man, I’ve been meddling in the scenario editor a lot of times, and friends of mine even more, and we can only agree to this post.
This would make life so much easier.


Often need something like, if player A does xxx (condition) then do yyy (effecr) to player A

An all player would help here.

I have spent so much time copying and pasting triggers for all 8 players, adding All as a source player would make creating triggers so much easier. As for the civ bonus option, I really wish there was something like this. Having an undo/redo option would be really cool too.

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It would be great if we could copy and paste conditions and effects manually into other triggers

Like I have already 8 triggers for 8 players. Now I notice I need to change something and add another condition.
If I could do it once then copy and paste into another trigger, that would be great


modding kinda suck. they dont really care much about modders probably because they have their hand full with existing bugs.

with each update when mod breaks, they sometimes dont even specify the full detail of changes and we’d be on our own wasting a ton of time looking through stuff just for a simple fix.