Why is whale gathering so slow?

Played as ports on a water map and noticed that my gold was gathering really slowly. I had fully upgraded + carded boats which should be gathering at 1.1 coins per second in age 3. However, when I look at the overall gather rates, it seems like I am gathering it at a much slower rate.

In the photo below, I had 23 boats here gather gold, so I should be getting around ~1518 coin per minute (1.1 * 60 * 23), however i was getting less than half of that at 633. My villagers were gathering wood faster than my boats and there gather rate for wood was only .65 wood/s.

Is there something I am missing with whale fishing here? I can reproduce this consistently.


How are you reproducing it? Any recs?

I got 23 fishing boats (1.05 c/s) on Baja California gathering at 1452 coin/minute, which is spot-on. HOWEVER when I ALT TAB something fishy (unintended) happens.

coin/min: 1452 → 966 !!! (I’ve confirmed this by checking the res banks after a minute alt tabbed and while in-game)

and my food (mill) and wood (trees) rates remain the same when I alt tab, but whaling decreases by 30%. Bit weird


I can confirm the rate decrease rate when atl-tab, I think its tied to the animation, cause funnily this only seems to be affecting the euro-style fishing boats, which got an animation/model change recently and not for the other fishing boat types.


For me, it was like this the entire game. Moving the boats made no difference.

I didn’t alt tab this game, but I have might have minimized it once or twice. This has happened a few times in multiplayer treaty.

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