Why isn't fortress regicide?

Come-on everyone would love it. Throw a single pop-up on the screen at the start of the game for noobs and it’s good to go.

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You can set up fortress to be regicide in a custom lobby. Are you wanting fortress just to be regicide by default in ranked? If so that would cause some wild balancing issues.

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have you heard of nomad? if you don’t pick spanish, lith, persians, or like two other civs your win rate is in the toliet. How is regicide any worse for balance?


Fortress was historically only played in combo with regicide, and without it, the map is not a good one.


Well actually the opposite is the case and that’s the reason why except for ranked it has always been played as regicide. The reason is while on a map like arena a lot of the common strats are very aggressive, most if not all of these wouldn’t work on fortress.

That’s ofc due to starting with a castle and towers but also due to having a lot of space on the map to retreat to if you’re getting pushed. So it’s mostly boom into imp aggression and there simply is civs which can do that better than others. Regicide however gives you possibility to win the game with a well executed push even though your opponent might have better eco, better longterm unit comp more relics and whatnot.

So I agree with op’s proposal (although technically speaking you don’t agree or disagree with a question asking why… 11).


because the random map aspect prevails

I think you should liken it to how BF is played on ranked. It’s set to ‘explored’, no scouting required. And why? Because that’s the way to community played the map before DE and DE put that in when they added it to ranked. So the theory goes Fortress was played as regicide, that was the point, so it should be added as regicide to the ranked ladder.

Agree or disagree but this I believe is the rationale.


Can you explain the wild balancing issues between playing random map fortress and regicide fortress? What are the wild balancing issues which appear by playing I regicide mode?

Extra villagers start. Cause wild swings in build orders and balance issues. No standard 3 villager, 1 scout start, and 1 town center start.

And something like Budapest or Mega random isn’t a problem?

How does playing as regicide here makes a difference? Fortress as a map already features the non standard start with a lot of vils in ranked irrespective of if it is regicide or not.

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I’m not sure I understand you here. It sounds like your saying if fortress map started with extra vills it would be imbalanced. But in ranked ladder on fortress you DO start with extra vills already. What difference would adding a king make to the balance?

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The map(fortress) has those properties you list. The game mode regicide, is what we are talking about. Don’t be that guy who has to keep digging a hole. Just admit you’ve confused the two and move. No need to derail the entire thread.


Sure, fine. I normally don’t play fortress. So, I forgot about the extra villager start.

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