Why M@A and Knight/Lancer have same armour?

Knight/Lancer needs to have higher armour than M@A or M@A needs to have less armour than Knight/Lancer.

Currently, M@A is doing just great against too many units. There are really no counters except heavy cavalry charge attacks. When M@A are mixed with as few as 2 spearmen, they are so much more powerful than Knights/Lancer!

Either buff Knights/Lancer or nerf M@A please.

Knights have far more health, the charge attack, and far greater mobility. It’s far easier to deal with massed man-at-arms than it is massed knights.


a few cheap spearmen are more than enough to halt it.
But M@A just tank in and is so much harder to deal with when it is mixed with other units.

well if you actually gave any supporting evidence for this maybe someone would agree with you, as it stands your reason is “because i said so”

did you forget that xbows, HC, and siege can all counter MAA? did you forget that MAA are still a motherload slower?

different units for different purposes

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I think the ideal nerf would be to reduce their movement speed. Knights have much slower speed than horsemen why do MAA are as fast as any other infantry unit. It should be as slow as a Knight is to a horsemen. With siege nerf its mostly MAA spam everywhere. 15 MAA alone destroying castle etc. Crossbows can’t run away like archers can against spears. So I think reducing their speed is most ideal. It would take time for them to reach base.

I also agree that there is no effective counter to MAA. Crossbows are very weak units and are only available in Age 3. A lot of civs have access to MAA in Age 2. Making some pushes impossible to repel.

They are generally not. 5/8 factions’ MAA are the slowest of all infantry. Exceptions for forced march active ability on Delhi maa and 10% faster infantry tech for HRE and palace guard for China having faster base move speed.

No, only 2 civs have feudal access to MAA, HRE and England. If their feudal pushes were impossible to repel, HRE and England would be winning every game, which is obviously not the case. HRE used to have a strong feudal MAA + ram push but since rams were nerfed and TCs can direct target and people generally got better at defending, it’s nowhere near as viable unless you catch someone by surprise.

The only viable defense against Spear + Archer/MAA is fast castle. I have played a lot as french and the only way is to reach castle before they start making rams and immediately drop siege workshop and a mangonel to repel push. If you are not fast enough, thats the game. Knights are good at raiding but trash at defending especially french. They don’t have any defensive unit early on. Now siege is nerfed, fast castle isn’t viable. On top of that MAA + Spears cannot be countered. MAA end up absorbing arrow damage and spears can kill knights.

It is still very strong. People are just greedy and want that 900 gold/min as soon as possible. When I am playing along with HRE against one french we always push french player. Works 100% of the time.