Why Maphack is Allowed?

This one that I commented here in the post, are still playing and winning all the games.

Jk- off with their heads!

The thing about the path to the relic in the exact position, in a unexplored space, is already obvious that those are Hacks. The worst thing is that it seems that now that they buffed the OotD a little, the hacks are using this civs to hide that they are using hacks to increase the age of the castles faster and capture all the relics. And that is quite denounceable.

Since now, I’m going to check any games I have against people who play OftD, so they don’t do it to me.

Today I got one more

Besides looking at the fog area, at the enemy base, he even sent a knight to kill villagers gathering from boar that he hasn’t scouted, but as I moved the villagers before, the knight went straight for where the villagers are hiding.


I don’t think they need to hide that they’re using the map hack since there’s no penalty, for example, the first guy that I mentioned here is still playing.

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This player has been reported. It’s a matter of patience and that he will be sanctioned sooner rather than later…

Are there even any active moderators for AoE IV? Players using such software is illegal with the ToS.