Why my AOE 3 DE is lagging in low settings?

I recently purchased AOE 3 DE on Steam. This game is played on my HP Victus 16 2022 model laptop with an GTX 1650 GPU. But when I play online 3v3 with a friend, everything changes. After about 20/25 minutes, the game begins to lag. I measured the frame rate using Steam FPS Settings. I just noticed that my FPS has increased to 10/15. I reduced my settings, but the problem persists. Is it possible to fix the FPS problem on my device? or I simply need to upgrade my device to play this game.
Here is the link of my device >> HP Victus 16 2022 Model
If I should upgrade my device, please recommend one that can handle this game smoothly.

Thank you ahead of time. <3

hard to conclude, likely not related to specs (too good, well above recommended, besides the unfortunate 1650 but that doesn’t explain framerate drop 30 minutes in), ofc make sure laptop is plugged in, now this being in 3v3 game, this isn’t unheard off, seen many reports well before DE, and since DE launch that report similar behaviour
would love to help but there’s not enough information to draw any meaningfull conclusions

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Make sure the game uses the right GPU
Since you have a laptop the games usually have an issue, picking the APU
You can find guides how you do that in the aoe3 support section


also additional checks

  • check if there is a temp control/quite mode on the gpu
  • check if there are network issues, if you have the network indicator is someone going red?

Go on your task manager before you play and close out any Microsoft edge that may be running. There are about 7 background operations even if you don’t have it actively running. Whenever I don’t close them I have connection problems.

It’s even crashing now, never had this error before…