Why native american civs has base limitation?

I would like to ask… why all native American civs has base limitation… they also have slower unit training (without community plaza dance. but yet not as fast)… Specially Aztec and Inca … yes their units are faster but because of the base limitation, I believe they can defend themself against European or Asian civs unless the one who is playing native is vastly superior to his/her opponent… I play with Aztec a lot and in st of the games U have to destroy my own war huts and noble huts to build base close to the battle field… why cant they have unlimited base like others??

I think it’s due to the fact that the barracks also serve as defenses, a bit like the Russians, but after that do you imply that the European civs can build unlimited defenses?

With Russia, they can do it with their limited barrack as they have instant army… Native American civs has mostly slow training so U need to use all their bases in one or two place to keep up the number in battle field… and their ‘defense’ actually serves no good… it is worst with Inca and Aztec… u can switch around the map without deleting Urs own base… why it has to be like this way?

To get instant infantry in barracks you have to use two cards in addition to research in the church, and to knowledge other European civilizations do not have this advantage of Russia.

If you want to increase the training rate of the units take the appropriate cards in this case, for example the Aztecs have two cards if I am not mistaken, one for all the infantry and another for the barracks units. And that’s without counting the community place which can further accelerate the creation of units, from what I understood the Lakota and the Incas are not the worst civilizations, on the other hand the Aztec … ouch I am okay they don’t really have any tips for them and yet god knows i love playing this civilization.

Then I’m sorry if I misunderstood, I use google translate.

edit:For the rest I will let other people give their opinion, which may be with their experiences of Amerindian Civilizations they will be able to say things more surely than me.

You are supposed to use the baby dance to speed unit training. Aztecs can get to ridiculous training speeds with baby dance and warrior priests.


Have you used the industrial HC card “aztec fortifications”? It gives you +100% on both limits, reaching 13 of each hut.
You dont want see more than 26 next to each other with town dance hahaha.

I play treaty with aztecs and 4 of each building is enough to keep the pressure if you use 35dancers on the plaza.

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I use all of those card… I mainly play treaty… and yes I know U can spawn units fast with 25 dancers(10 priest + 15 villi) but as U may have noticed… base limitation does becomes a problem in larger maps… specially on 3v3 or 4v4… my point is… why they cant have infinite base… or atleast 1 of the type… either infinite war hut or infinite noble hut…

I am saying so in terms of treaty games… I am a treaty player and in treaty games… base limitations do become a problem some time

I do… :slight_smile: … but my question is… regardless of what… why they have to have limited number of bases

I don’t understand then, you talk about a limited base before talking about the training of slow troops compared to the Russia that I cited as an example.

As for the barracks, which are limited in number, well if it was unlimited that would mean that their defenses would also be at the barracks level which shoot at the enemies I imagine, I do not play in treaty so I cannot see it how that constitutes a handicap.

So what do you suggest to remedy it?

Cause they are defenses, if you place next one to each other there would be a lot of arrows. If you use town dance each barrack would reach >10000HP easily, if you have unlimited thats become a great problem.

You have to move them constantly. With 3 war huts and 4 Nobles’ ones is enough in each battle front.

Baby dance makes up for that.

There is a limitation of bases because it is a hybrid between outpost and barracks, this means that the building apart from being able to train units, can also garrison villagers, be a defensive unit, provide vision and map control. This is a characteristic more than anything it is games of supremacy, if the construction of barracks were unlimited, it would be a clear imbalance for non-native civilizations. And particularly OP for haud, who can spam buildings cheaply and quickly with the foundation ceremony.

Yes… I know all those stuff… thanks for pointing though… but could not they have huts without those capability?? and may could have access to may be 3-5 forts which can provides similar functionality with the ability of training Skull Knights?

I suggest to give them huts without those defensive ability… and let them have access to forts… may be 3 - 5 which may act as defensive structure… with the ability of training Skull Knights

But why do you want that? There is no need for it. And it would take away from the identity of those civilizations.

The training of the skulls should only be from the community square. It is a very OP unit to be trainable, if they could be trained then the tokala soldier and the travois should also be trainable. Although that yes, I admit that the exception is the Inca maceman, that I do not know how good a unit it is to be able to be created in the square and at the same time in the kallanka

I think Inca macemans are stronger then skull knights , I believe I have seen a video on that …

Its not that I badly want that… but when I play with Aztec and Incas I had to delete my bases multiple time in order to build new base close to the battle field… specially only 4 kalanka’s and one extra with card, 5, makes it hard for me… but may be others can manage it well.

However skull knights may be left only to community plaza… but otherwise if they can have access to unlimited base, that would be nice… specially in treaty… it can be unlocked by a card where applying that those changes can take place… In my opinion Inca and Aztecs are awesome civs to play… lots of fun… but I wish they could have access to unlimited base…