Why no any news about 8th season?

AOE4 has kept silent for months

just wait patiently and it will come in one week. I think there are some big changes because they postponed the original update time.


No doubt about them delaying it to properly implement planned fixes. At least we know we’ll get to read them when the patch drops, only reason to read it now is to theory craft.

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Communication as whole has been a mess while ago
Nevertheless is better than the work they do on AOE 3 DE

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Posted 2 hours ago, here’s the update preview for season 8: Age of Empires IV – Season Eight Update Preview 11.0.782 - Age of Empires - World's Edge Studio

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Just finished reading the patchnotes.
It’s more than disappointing.
This patch should have MAXIMUM taken 1 month from the last, considering that it’s a tiny patch again.

This is all we were made to wait 4 months for, a whole season???

It’s because of the upcoming tournament:

Balance changes and bug fixes also arrive with this update, however given our proximity to the exciting Red Bull Wololo: El Reinado qualifiers, we’ve made a slight adjustment to our typical planning and will be rolling out more major changes to the meta mid-season with a patch planned for mid-to-late August.

As for the future patch they had this to say at the bottom of the page, under “What’s on the Horizon”

Here’s a sneak peek at what we have in store for our next patch:

  • A full rework of Rus’ bounty system.
  • The Deer Stones will grant access to a new unit ‘Khan’s Hunters’.
  • The House of Learning will receive some new and compelling technologies.
  • A mid-season map pool refresh.
  • Many more balance tweaks.

Never ceases to astound me how confidently people assert how long programming can take.

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Never ceases to astound me how confident people are that only 1 person is working on the game and patches are coming in massively.

A map is one person alone, if not more than one. Sorry.

I’ve always agreed that more communication would be better, but responses like this demonstrate that it doesn’t matter what they say, there are some will make up their own “facts” regardless.

So you are saying these few changes in 4 months after the last patch also being minor, is an adequate pace of patching a game which is unfinnished since release and needs massive firefighting and generated tons of cash?

No? Ok, discussion is closed for me, thanks for having talked about it.

I agree that the pacing falls short of expectations, but in this instance I prefer that they take their time implementing changes. I don’t like that tournaments keep patches from being introduced, but Red Bull is a high profile event and I imagine they want to put their best foot forward because of it. I would also like to say that because of the upcoming release of AoM Retold there will likely be a delay on stuff for AoE IV… maybe even seeing a DLC release in spring of next year as opposed to the standard of Q4. It sucks, but they are splitting their talent between titles. From a professional perspective they don’t want to starve attention from one title by overlapping releases. Just the nature of the beast with this.

How is that a good thing?
Instead of patching the broken game that we have paid twice for (main game + dlc), they give us a fraction of the deserved fixes and make us pay a 3rd time?

Let me ask you, when you are robbed on the streets, do you thank the thief?
“That is so nice of you, you don’t only take my money but you also beat me up first! Please do both again!”

The nature of maximum milking, not more not less

It’s not about it being a good thing. It’s about having expectations that align with reality. I’m not suggesting it is good or bad, just trying to predict what is more than likely going to happen next.

Something that confuses me here, do you believe that the developers owe you something personally? They are not thieving from you in any way… that’s not to say you should or should not be disappointed. It’s also strange of you to talk about milking. These are free updates to the game, and them taking time to do quality control on their product is the complete opposite of milking.

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I probably see this from a more ethical standpoint than a capitalistic modern game publisher standpoint.
Last one is PURELY about milking.

Very short answer:
Yes, absolutely!

Microsoft promised and advertised a triple AAA competitve aoe and they did absolutely NOT deliver.
The game came out half-baked, if not quarter-baked and it is the customer’s right to claim the full product, which has not yet been delivered.

If you advertise a fully funnctional sports car, can you deliver it without a motor/engine, charge the full price and get away with it without facing a law-suit?
Of course not! And that is what is wrong with the game industry.

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There is no ethical consumption under capitalism friend. This is also a free update, they aren’t asking you to spend any money on it.

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I did spend the money already, following their promises which they never kept.
Patching the broken game is the BARE MINIMUM they can do.

Can you tell me what is so broken about this game that prevents you from playing and enjoying it? You make it sound like the game is still in its alpha stage.


I’m not saying that at all. I just disagree with your claim of how long it took to develop.


First and foremost, they advertised a new AoE game set in the Middle Ages.